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  1. Conceit   Conceal   Concede
    Conceit - self-importance, vanity

    Conceal - keep from sight; hide

    Concede - admit that something is true or valid
  2. Occult   Occlude
    • Occult
    • 1. med. concealed
    • 2. supernatural, mystical

    Occlude - block passage through, obstruct
  3. Trite   Tirade
    Trite - too often repeated 

    Tirade - angry speech of criticism or accusation
  4. Cram  Cramp  Cramped
    Cram - completely fill, stuff, packed

    Cramp - muscle spasm

    Cramped - uncomfortably or inconveniently small
  5. Spurn  Spur  Spurt
    Spurn - reject with disdain or contempt; scorn

    Spur - incite or stimulate, urge

    Spurt - gush out in a sudden and forceful stream, squirt
  6. Wean  Wane
    Wean - disengage

    Wane - a gradual decline
  7. Indict  Edict
    Indict - to charge, especially  with a crime

    Edict - an official order or proclamation
  8. Imminent   Immense
    Imminent - about to happen

    Immense - extremely large or great
  9. Rescind   Resign OR Resigned
    Rescind - revoke, cancel, or repeal 

    • Resign OR Resigned 
    • 1. voluntarily leave a job or other position
    • 2. accept that something undesirable cannot be avoided.
  10. Ratify  Rectify
    Ratify - confirm, approve, sanction, endorse

    Rectify - put (something) right; correct.
  11. Precipitate    Percipient    Precipitous
    Precipitate - to cause to happen, to bring about 

    Percipient - having a good understanding of things; perceptive

    Precipitous - dangerously high or steep.
  12. Deprive  Deprave
    Deprive - deny, take away

    Deprave - corrupt, immoral or wicked
  13. Tinge  Tingle
    Tinge - color slightly.

    Tingle - cause a stinging or tingling sensation; prickle, sting
  14. Auspicious   Auspices
    Auspicious - conducive to success; favorable

    Auspices - kindly endorsement and guidance
  15. Penitent   Penance
    Penitent - feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds

    Penance - voluntary self-punishment
  16. Stout  Strut
    Stout - having rugged physical strength

    Strut - a proud stiff pompous gait; swagger
  17. Parlor  Parley  Parlance
    Parlor - a sitting room in a private house.

    Parley - a negotiation between enemies

    Parlance - manner of speaking, jargon
  18. Taut  Taunt
    Taut - stretched or pulled tight

    Taunt - a remark made in order to anger; insult
  19. Bauble  Babble
    Bauble - a small, showy trinket or decoration.

    Babble - utter meaningless sounds
  20. Oust  Onus
    Oust - drive out or expel (someone) from a position or place

    Onus -  one's duty or responsibility, burden
  21. Sage  Siege
    Sage  - someone or something wise and judicious

    Siege - surrounded on all sides by an opposing force on attack
  22. Parry  Parity
    Parry  - ward off, fend off; deflect, avoid

    Parity - equality of an amount or value
  23. Delude  Deluge  Divulge
    Delude - be false to; be dishonest with

    Deluge - a heavy rain, flood, torrent

    Divulge - make known (private or sensitive info)
  24. Discrete   Discreet   Discretion
    Discrete - distinct, separate

    Discreet - careful and circumspect in one's speech or actions

    Discretion - free will, freedom to decide, choice
  25. Repast  Repose
    Repast - a meal.

    Repose - a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility.
  26. Deposition  Disposition
    Deposition - testimony; putting something somewhere, deposit

    Disposition - your usual mood, temperament
  27. Rancor  Raucous
    Rancor - a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

    Raucous - unpleasantly loud and harsh, strident
  28. Concur  Confer
    Concur - to agree.

    Confer - grant or bestow
  29. Stanch   Staunch
    Stanch - stop or restrict (a flow of blood) from a wound.

    Staunch - loyal and committed in attitude
  30. Ardent   Ardor   Arduous
    Ardent = Ardor - fervor; passionate 

    Arduous - difficult and tiring
  31. Commend   Commence
    Commend - praise formally or officially.

    Commencebegin; start.
  32. Scoff   Scuff   Scruff
    Scoff - mock, deride, ridicule

    Scuff - scrape or brush the surface of something

    Scruff - the back of a person's or animal's neck
  33. Clutter   Clatter
    Clutter - a confused multitude of things, mess up

    Clatter - a continuous rattling sound
  34. Induct    Indict
    Induct - admit formally to a position or organization.

    Indict - formally accuse of or charge with a serious crime
  35. Blithe   Blight
    Blithe - casual, indifferent

    Blight - the state of being decayed or destroyed
  36. Allude   Elude   Elicit
    Allude - suggest or call attention to indirectly; hint at.

    Elude - evade or escape

    Elicit - obtain, draw out, extract
  37. Apprise   Appraisal
    Apprise - inform or tell

    Appraisal - assessment, evaluation
  38. Propensity   Propinquity
    Propensity - tendency, inclination, predisposition

    Propinquity - proximity, nearness
  39. Repel   Repeal
    Repel -  repulse, drive back/away

    Repeal - revoke or annul (a law or congressional act)
  40. Plaintive   Plaintiff
    Plaintive - sounding sad and mournful.

    Plaintiff - a person who brings a case against another in a court of law
  41. Ordain   Ordeal
    Ordain - make (someone) a priest or minister

    Ordeal - a painful or horrific experience
  42. Execrate   Extricate
    Execrate - feel or express great loathing for.

    Extricate - extract, free, release, disentangle, get out
  43. Prelude   Preclude
    Prelude - an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important

    Preclude - prevent from happening; make impossible.
  44. Brunt   Blunt
    Brunt - full force, impact, shock, burden

    Blunt - straightforward, frank, plain-spoken, candid
  45. Rumble   Ramble
    Rumble - make a continuous deep

    Ramble - walk for pleasure, wandering
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