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  1. Statistics
    The science of collecting, organizing, summarizing' and analyzing information in order to draw conclusions, or answer questions. Provides a measure of confidence in any conclusion.
  2. Population
    An entire group of individuals being studied
  3. Individual
    Person or object that make up a population that is being studied
  4. Sample
    A subset of the population being studied
  5. Statistic
    The numerical summary of a sample
  6. Descriptive Statistics
    Consist of Organizing and Summarizing data
  7. Inferential Statistics
    Uses methods that take a result from a sample, extend it to the population, and measure the reliability of the result
  8. Parameter
    A numerical summary of a population
  9. Variable
    The characteristic of the individual to be measured or observed.
  10. Random Sampling
    The process of using chance to select individuals from a population to be included in the sample
  11. Simple Random Sampling
    A sample of size n from a population of size N is obtained through simple random sampling, if every possible sample of size n has a equally likely chance of occuring
  12. Bias
    If the result of the sample are not representative of the population
  13. Sampling Error
    Error that results from using a sample to estimate information about a population. This type of error occurs BC a sample gives incomplete information about a population
  14. Frequency Distribution
    Lists each category of data and the number of occurrence for each category of data
  15. Histogram
    Constructed by drawing rectangles for each class of data. The height of each rectangle is the frequency or relative frequency of the class. The width of each rectangle is the same and the rectangles touch
  16. Variance
    Based on the deviation about the mean (Measure of deviations are meant to describe how spread out data are)
  17. Standard Deviation
    A measure of variation of values about the mean. It is a type of average deviation of values from the mean.
  18. Z-score
    Standardized value- the number of standard deviation that a given value,x, is above or below the mean.
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