Travis Travers

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  1. Pinter here?
  2. His House, right?
    Oh, yeah, yeah, of course it is.
  3. You live here too
    No, I just watch the place while he's away.
  4. What's your name?
    (debating)  Travis Travers
  5. You putting me on?
    (Laughs)  Wanna see my driver's license?
  6. Sure.
    (hesitant)  Ok, here you go.
  7. Well, look at that...
    Can I get my wallet back?
  8. Where's Pinter?
    Vacation.  Yeah, Florida, Key Largo, He's been gone all week.
  9. When's he due back?
    He didn't tell me.
  10. You mind if I go inside
    You a friend of Arnold's?
  11. Yeah, something like that.  You mind?
    Knock yourself out.  But, hey, I got places I gotta be, so go ahead and close the door when you leave, and I'll come back loac up later.
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