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  1. One in four adolescents contracts an std before graduating from high school. the most common std is
    c. chlamydia
  2. In a survery of college students, almost half of the mend and close to 40% of the women reported that they had engaged in drinking 4-5 or more alcoholic drinkds in one sitting within the previous two weeks. this type of alcohol use is known as
    c. binge drinking
  3. generally, all of the follwing are motivations for engagin in illicit drug use as an adolescent EXCEPT
    d. becoming addicted
  4. willard has been feeling pressure from his participation on the varsity wrestling team. He deals with the stress from his participation by focusing on the positive benefits of the experience. by regulating his feelings, willard is using _______ to cope with his stress
    a. emotion-focused coping
  5. long term exposure to stress produces negative physical effects and may also lead to _______ disorders.
    b. psychosomatic
  6. during adolescence, a good nutrition program and active exercise is important to
    • a. fuel adolescent growth spurts
    • b.discourage eating disorders
    • c.avoid obesity
    • d. all of these answers
  7. Grandma couldn't beleive how much andy had changed since she last saw him. He now had facial hari and his voice had deepened. Grandma is noticing andys
    b. secondary sex characteristics
  8. menstruation begins earlier in many different parts of the world. all of the following have been linked to earlier menstration EXCEPT
    • a. affluence
    • b.higher proportion of fat to muscle
    • c. poor nutrition
    • d. environmental stress
  9. at the 6th grade dance, angelina was taller than the other girls and literally towered over the boys. While she was anxious that she would always be the tallest, her mother told her not to worry because
    b. boys growth spurt begins about 2 years after the girls' growth spurt begins
  10. the most significant event in physical growth during adolescent years is
    d. puberty
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