Med Term Ch 6

  1. functions of the lymphatic system
    • absorbs fat and fat soluble vitamins from intestine
    • removes waste from tissue
    • provides aid to immune system
  2. small fingerlike projections found in the small intestines, contain blood vessels and lacteals
  3. major structures of the lymphatic sys
    • lymph
    • lymphatic vessels and ducts
    • lymph nodes
    • tonsils
    • thymus
    • spleen
    • lacteals
    • peyers patches
    • appendix
    • lymphocytes
  4. protect body against invading microorganisms and diseases
    lymph nodes
  5. transport lymph from tissues thru out the body and eventually returns this fluid to venous circulation
    lymphatic sys
  6. clear fluid, transports waste and proteins out of spaces between the cells
  7. transports food, oxygen and hormones to cells, "tissue fluid"
    interstitial fluid
  8. opens briefly to allow lymph to enter capillary, the action of cells closing causes lymph to move forward
    lymphatic capillaries
  9. have valves to prevent backward flow of lymph
    lymphatic vessels
  10. collects lymph from R side of head, neck, RUQ of body and arms
    R lymphatic duct
  11. largest lymphatic vessel in the body, collects lymph from L side of head, neck, LUQ of trunk, L arm, trunk and both legs
  12. lymphocytes capable of destroying pathogens
    lymph nodes
  13. 3 major lymph node areas
    • cervical
    • axillary
    • inguinal
  14. 3 masses of lymphoid tissue that form a protective ring around back of nose and throat
  15. nasopharyngeal tonsils
  16. L & R sides of throat
  17. base of tongue
  18. located superior to the heart, assists immune system
  19. located in the walls of ileum
    peyes patch
  20. lower portion in cecum
    vermiform appendix
  21. located in LUQ, filters microorganisms and other foreign materials from the blood, destroys worn out RBS and releasing their hemoglobin for reuse
  22. lymphadenitis
    swollen glands
  23. disease process affecting lymph node or nodes
  24. benign tumor formed by abnormal collection of lymphatic tissues due to congenital malformation
  25. functions of immune system
    • maintain good health
    • protect the body from harmful substances
  26. wraps body in physical barrier
    intact skin
  27. traps breathed in foreign matter with nose hairs and mucous membranes
    respiratory sys
  28. used acids and enzymes produced by the stomach to destroy invaders
    digestive sys
  29. WBCs work together to attack and destroy pathogens lymphatic
  30. substance that the body regards as being foreign
  31. substances that produces
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