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  1. The spinal cord extends from _____ to  _____ in the adult.
    • Foramen magnum
    • L1
  2. The spinal cord extends to ____ in the newborn.
  3. How long does it take for the spinal cord to extend to L1 in children?
    24 months
  4. Where do the cervical and thoracic nerves exit their respected vertebrae?  Why are they not the same?
    • Cervical nerves exit above their vertebrae. 
    • Thoracic nerves exit below their vertebrae.

    This is because of C8 spinal nerve.  It exits below C7.
  5. What does the supraspinous ligament connect?
    It connects the apices of spinous processes.
  6. Where does the interspinous ligament run?
    It runs between adjacent spinous processes.
  7. What does the ligamentum flavum join?
    It joins the vetebral arches.
  8. The ligamentum flavum is yellow...why?
    B/c it contains elastic tissues.

    It is the strongest of the ligaments.
  9. Which ligament binds the epidural space posteriorly?
    Ligamentum Flavum
  10. What are the high and low points of the vertebral column?
    • HIGH POINTS -- C3 and L3
    • LOW POINTS -- T6 and S2
  11. Where is CSF produced?
    In the choroid plexus in the 3rd and 4th ventricles
  12. What is the total volume of CSF?
  13. how much CSF is made daily?
  14. How many mls of CSF are in the subarachnoid space?
  15. The ____________ space lies between the arachnoid and the pia mater.  This is where _________ is found.

  16. The epidural space is a ________ _________.  It is bound by the ______ and the __________ __________.
    The epidural space is a potential space. It is bound by the dura and the ligamentum flavum.
  17. The principle site of action for neuraxial blockade is the ________ ______.
    nerve root
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