types of organ system

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  1. purpose of integumentary system
    • protects against environmental hazards
    • aids in thermoregulation
  2. purpose of skeletal system (4)
    • provides framework and support
    • protects tissues and organs
    • absorbs minerals¬†
    • produces blood cells
  3. purpose of Muscular system
    • allows for locomotion through contraction
    • produces heat
  4. purpose of nervous system
    directs immediate response of stimuli and coordinates organ system activity
  5. purpose of endocrine system
    directs long term changes in the bodies organ system such as growth and and mineral balances using hormones
  6. purpose of lymphatic system
    • AKA immune system
    • defends against infection and disease
    • returns tissue fluid into the blood stream
  7. purpose of the cardiovascular system
    transports cells, oxygen, nutrients, gases, and wastes throughout the body
  8. purpose of the respiratory system
    • delivers air and gas exchanges from the external environment using blood as a passage way.
    • also involved in producing sound
  9. purpose of digestive system
    produces food and absorbs nutrients
  10. purpose of the urinary system
    eliminates excess water, salts, and waste products
  11. purpose of the female productive system
    to produce embryonic eggs and nurture the fetal development from fertilization to birth
  12. purpose of the male reproductive system
    produces semen and hormones
  13. Organs included in the Integumentary System
    • hair
    • skin
    • nails
  14. components of the skeletal system (2)
    • axial skeleton (includes skeletal muscles that are medial; ribs, sternum, vertebrae, sacrum, skull)
    • appendicular skeleton (supporting bones, limb, pelvis)
  15. components of the muscular system
    • axial muscles
    • appendicular muscles
    • tendons
  16. components of the nervous system
    • central nervous system (brain and spinal cord)
    • peripheral nervous system (peripheral nerves)
  17. components of the endocrine system
    includes the ovaries (female) and the testis (male)
  18. components of the urinary system
    • kidney
    • ureter
    • urinary bladder
    • urethra
  19. components of the respiratory system
    • lungh
    • trachea
    • pharynx
    • nasal cavity
    • sinus
    • bronchi
    • larynx
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