Parasitology - Trematodes

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  1. All Trematodes require this for their life cycle
  2. What is the Order for Trematodes
  3. Trematodes have this type of life cycle
  4. What is the most common Trematode
    Fasciola hepatica
  5. What is considered the largest Trematode
    Fasciola gigantica
  6. What are two diseases involved with flukes in ruminants
    • Fascioliasis
    • Dicrocoeliasis
  7. what are the two nicknames for Dirocoelium lanceatum
    • Lancet liver fluke
    • lesser liver fluke
  8. What is the common cause of Dirocoeliasis in ruminants
    Dirocoelium lanceatum
  9. What are three common causes for Fascioliasis in ruminants (Genus and species)
    • Fasciola gigantica
    • Fasciola magna
    • Fasciola hepatica
  10. What is the Trematode commonly called "giant liver fluke'
    Fasciola gigantica
  11. What is the dormant bacteria that inhabits the liver in ruminants
    Clostridium novyi
  12. What is the etiology of 'Blacks Disease'
    Toxins produced by Clostridium novyi
  13. What is the etiology for 'Blackleg Disease'
    Clostridium chauvoei
  14. What is the drug used to treat for liver flukes
    Ivermec F
  15. What is the Genus and species of the 'lung fluke' of dogs
    Pragonimus kellicotti
  16. What is the intermediate host for Pragonimus kellicotti
  17. What is the etiology of 'Salmon Poisoning' and what is the Genus and species of the fluke that carries it
    • Neorickettsia helminthoeca
    • Nanophytes salmincola
  18. What is considered the most common no pathogenic stomach fluke in the US
    Alaria canis
  19. What is the nickname for Nanophytes salmincola
    'Salmon poisoning fluke'
  20. What two species are susceptible to Salmon Poisoning
    • Dogs
    • Bears
  21. What is the fluke of cats
    Platynosomum concinnum
  22. What is the intermediate host for Platynosomum concinnum
  23. What are three flukacides
    • Valbazen (Albendazole)
    • Ivomec - F or Ivormec Plus (Ivermectin/Clorsulon)
    • Curatrem
  24. outline the best times to deworm horses/cattle
    • Easter or 1st day of spring - spray for flies too
    • July 4th - spray for flies, careful for over heating
    • Thanksgiving
  25. What drug is good for immunostimulation properties and for taking care of liver flukes
    Levamisole hydrochloride
  26. What are two issues that liver flukes can cause in cattle effecting profits
    • pregnancy
    • bull fertility
  27. what magazine stated that liver flukes is one of the top ten issues facing the beef industry
    National Beef Quality Audit
  28. What are 4 issues seen in cattle with liver flukes
    • reduced pregnancy rates
    • weaning weights
    • rate of gain
    • bull fertility
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