Elite SAT Vocab 201 - 250

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  1. scrutiny
    close examination; minute inspection; a careful watch
  2. elude
    to escape from, as by daring or skill; to escape the understanding of
  3. nuance
    variation of meaning; subtlety
  4. cosmopolitan
    having worldwide scope; so sophiscated as to be at home in all parts of the world
  5. avocation
  6. degenerate
    to decline to an inferior state, often in mental or moral quality
  7. germane
    fitting and appropriate
  8. mnemonic
    pertaining to or assisting the memory
  9. breach
    some sort of violation; a gap
  10. adage
    a familiar saying; a proverb
  11. nadir
    the lowest point; the bottom
  12. denouement
    conclusion; resolution; the falling action of a story after its climax
  13. heterogenous
    not similar; very different; mixed together
  14. eclipse
    to overshadow
  15. rococo
    elaborate or overdone
  16. distend
    to stretch out; to expand
  17. astute
    showing clever awareness, esp. with respect to one's own concern
  18. kindred
    related or similar in origin or nature
  19. neophyte
    a beginner; and immature person who is learning
  20. sublime
    of high spiritual or moral worth
  21. tepid
    moderately warm; lacking force or enthusiasm
  22. equivocal
    capable of multiple interpretations; unclear
  23. versatile
    competent in many things
  24. procure
    to obtain or acquire
  25. paradox
    a statement or situation that appears contradictory
  26. heed
    to pay attention to
  27. relish
    to enjoy
  28. forebear
    a person from whom one is descended; an ancestor (usually plural)
  29. hegemony
    strong influence; domination
  30. onus
    an pleasant task or duty; a burden or obligation
  31. affinity
    a natural attraction or feeling of kinship; an inherent similarity
  32. mundane
    typical of this world; commonplace
  33. atrophy
    a wasting away, esp. of body tissue
  34. duplicity
    deception; deceitfulness; double-dealing
  35. verismilitude
    resemblance to the truth
  36. proliferate
    to grow or reproduce rapidly
  37. shibboleth
    a custom or phrase distinctive of a particular group; class, etc.
  38. congenital
    present since birth; being an essential characteristic
  39. ensemble
    a group, esp. of performers, working as a unified whole
  40. cajole
    to attempt to persuade with flattery or insincere talk
  41. facile
    with effortless ease; without proper care; superficial
  42. phenomenon
    an occurence that can be perceived by the senses; a remarkable person or event
  43. civil
    observing accepted social customs; not rude
  44. accede
    to agree to something
  45. periphery
    a boundary line; perimeter; an outside surface
  46. wane
    to decrease; to lessen
  47. capacious
    able to contain or hold much
  48. ambivalence
    simultaneous existance of opposing feelings; uncertainty as to what to do
  49. aloof
    distant or removed in attitude or manner
  50. caveat
    a warning
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