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  1. How can the nurse help clients achieve sexual health?
    By having a sound scientific knowledge base regarding sexuality. A basic understanding of sexual development, sexual orientation, the sexual response cycle, contraception, abortion, and std’s.
  2. Describe changes in sexual functioning and the role of sexuality in relationships during infancy & early childhood, school-aged years, puberty/adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and older adulthood.
    The first three years of life are crucial in the development of gender identity.

    During school age years they expand their horizons from parents and family. They generally have questions regarding the physical and emotional aspects of sex.

    During adolescence the task of establishing a romantic relationship begins.

    The adult has gained physical maturation but is continuing to explore and define emotional maturation in relationships.

    Later in the adult years, individuals may be adjusting to the social and emotional changes associated with children moving away from home.

    Studies of sexual behavior and interest in the behaviors among older adults have been limited and inconsistent in their findings.
  3. In what ways does culture affect sexuality?
    Each cultural and social group has its own set of rules and norms that guide the behavior of its members.
  4. What are some alterations in sexual health and how can the nurse use critical thinking to assist clients experiencing these issues?
    • Infertility, sexual abuse, personal and emotional conflicts, sexual dysfunction.
    • The nurse must have a good understanding, for example, of the human sexual response, safe sex practices, and the risks and behaviors associated with sexual problems to anticipate how to assess a client and then how to interpret the findings.
  5. What are the components of a sexual health history?
    In gathering a sexual history, the nurse should consider physical, functional, relationship, lifestyle, and self-esteem factors that may influence sexual functioning.
  6. In what ways can the nurse promote sexual health as a component of overall wellness during health promotion, acute care, and restorative/continuing care?
    The nurse can promote sexual health by identifying clients at increased risk, by providing appropriate info, by helping individuals gain insight into their problems, and by exploring methods to deal with them effectively.
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