Day 8

  1. How do Bubble Grids work?
    How do Data Clouds work?
    • 2 Attributes, at least 2 metrics.
    • Metrics show up as Size of circle and color, additional metrics appear in Tool Tip.

    • 1 Attribute, results in the items listed.
    • 1 Metric, results in size of font, additional metrics appear in Tool Tip.
  2. How does a Graph Matrix widget work?
    • It's multiple graphs displayed in a grid format
    • At least 2 Attributes (Ideally 3 for a grid format).
    • One of the Attributes should be time based to form the X-axis on the graphs (right most one)
    • At least one Metric (Y-axis) and any additional metrics will show up as lines on the graphs.
  3. What are the 3 types of charts within Micro Charts?
    What are the 4 Modes of operation?
    • Bar Chart, Sparklines, Bullet Chart
    • Grid, Vertical Scroll, Ticker, KPI List
  4. How does a Waterfall widget work?
    • X-axis can either be an attribute or multiple metrics
    • Y-axis is based on a metric
    • The chart will reflect changes from one value to another, in either an incrementing or decrementing fashion.
  5. What are the 2 types of Flash selectors?
    • Fish Eye
    • Date
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Day 8