Ch 4 2 Pharm

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  1. Inverse agonists
    • Drug binds to same receptor as the agonist but has the opposite effect of the agonist on cellular function
    • Decreases over stimulated activity
  2. Desensitization
    Overstimulation of receptor leading to change in receptor decreasing binding
  3. Down-regulation
    Decrease in receptor numbers due to prolonged exposure of agonist
  4. Supersensitivity
    • decrease in stimulation of receptors leading to increase in receptor sensitivity
    • Ex: severed peripheral nerve
    • Ex: loss of endogenous NT dopamine in Parkinson Disease
  5. Up-regulation
    Increase in receptor numbers due to decreased exposure of agonist
  6. Non-receptor actions
    • exerting effect through mechanisms that don’t involve binding to a specific cellular component
    • used in biosynthesis
    • bind to harmful metals to prevent them exerting their effects
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