Module 6 - u-Verbs

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  1. extra-modest expression for する
    致す (いたす)
  2. extra-modest expression for 食べる、飲む
    頂く (いただく)
  3. humble expression for もらう
    頂く (いただく)
  4. to humbly visit; to humbly ask
    伺う (うかがう)
  5. extra-modest expression for いる
  6. extra modest expression for ある
  7. extra modest expression for ~ている
  8. extra modest expression for です
  9. extra modest expression for 行く、来る
    参る (まいる)
  10. to turn (left/right)
    曲がる (まがる)
  11. extra modest expression for 言う
    申す (もうす)
  12. to return; to come back
    戻る (もどる)
  13. to put; to lay; to place
    置く (おく)
  14. to notice
    気が付く (きがつく)
  15. to kick
  16. to bite
    刺す (さす)
  17. to touch
    触る (さわる)
  18. to be arrested; to be caught
    捕まる (つかまる)
  19. to wrap; to cover
    包む (つつむ)
  20. to strike; to hit; to punch
    殴る (なぐる)
  21. to steal; to rob
    盗む (ぬすむ)
  22. to post; to stick
    貼る (はる)
  23. to step on
    踏む (ふむ)
  24. to turn down; to reject; to jilt
  25. to complain
    文句を言う (もんくをいう)
  26. to bake; to burn; to grill
    焼く (やく)
  27. to give (to pets, plants, younger siblings, etc)
  28. the wind blows
    風が吹く (かぜがふく)
  29. to win
    勝つ (かつ)
  30. to make a photocopy
    コピーヲ取る (コピーをとる)
  31. to carry
    運ぶ (はこぶ)
  32. to run
    走る (はしる)
  33. to pick up something
    拾う (ひろう)
  34. to leave (someone/something) alone; to neglect
    放っておく (ほ(う)っておく)
  35. to be in time
    間に合う (まにあう)
  36. (something) stops
  37. to pay
    払う (はらう)
  38. to laugh
    笑う (わらう)
  39. to smile
    微笑む (ほほえむ)
  40. to die out
    絶える たえる
  41. to catch a cold
    風邪を引く (かぜをひく)
  42. to send
    送る (おくる)
  43. to distribute
    配る (くばる)
  44. the rain drops
    雨がやむ (あめがやむ)
  45. (someone) is gone; to disappear
  46. to be in someone's care
    お世話になる (おせわになる)
  47. to have a stomachache
  48. to find something agreeable
    気に入る (きにいる)
  49. to sting
  50. to be different; wrong
    違う (ちがう)
  51. to be lost; to disappear
  52. to talk behind someone's back
    悪口を言う (わるぐちをいう)
  53. to get angry
    怒る (おこる)
  54. to be different
    違う (ちがう)
  55. to grieve
    悲しむ (かなしむ)
  56. to use up
    使い果たす (つかいはたす)
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