Phonological change

  1. What is phonological change?
    Changes to the pronunciation of words.
  2. When was the great British Vowel shift ?
    1400 - 1600
  3. What between in 1400 - 1600?
    The long vowel sounds of old english were replaced by the more modern sounds of today.
  4. What is upspeak/ uptalk?
    Speaking with rising intonation.
  5. Which group of people is rising intonation popular with?
    • Young people.
    • Particularly young girls.
  6. Where do rising vowel sounds come from?
    • Influence of Australians¬†
    • eg. Neighbours
  7. What is Marthers Vineyard?
    A study of phonological change in an American Island popular with tourists.
  8. Who researched Marthers Vineyard?
    Labov (1963)
  9. What did Marthers Vineyard find?
    That the group of natives resented influx of tourists so made there social language more unique to there native language.
  10. What did Kerswill and Williams research?
    Speech in Milton Keynes (1994) the new town
  11. What was found in the Miltion Keynes study?
    In the new town the children spoke differently to there parents and more like the london speakers.
  12. What did  Atchinson find? (1991)
    Current pronunciations of words are different. 'Mistake' 'Merstake' 'Astronomy' 'erstronmy'
  13. Who found 4 stages of phonological development?
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