Civics anual 9

  1. What are the requisites for being a Mexican Citizen?
    • To be born in Mexico.
    • Mexican parents if born abroad.
    • To live, study and/or work for 4 years
  2. What is the State of the Union Address
    • The responsibility of the president
    • Report activities
    • Congress of citizens
  3. What are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation laws?
    • 1st: Political and civil liberty right.
    • 2nd: Economic social and cultural rights.
    • 3rd: Rights of groups.
  4. Social Development and the Individual What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? What is it composed of?
    • Psychological: basic biological needs air, water, food.
    • Safety: protection, economic stability.
    • Social acceptance: friendship, family, connections.
    • Self-esteem: confidence, achievements, respect of others, need of individual.
    • Self realization: morality, creativities.
    • Maslow was a phycologist. It's about behavior. It is an explanation of what motivates human behavior. Describes the stages of our needs .He claims that you couldn't satisfy higher needs until you satisfied basic ones. It has been challenged because esteem sometimes to satisfy it, you can put your safety in danger.
  5. What role does self-understanding have in decision-making? (Ruth Chang)
    It is based on what and who you are. Decisions are emotional things. You feel good about making that decision, so it is hard in addictions to leave them because you don't feel satisfied with your decision, you don't feel good.
  6. What are collective decisions? What are individual decisions? How are these made?
    Individual needs and interests are negotiated for the sake of the common goal. Dialogue of what your needs are. Individual decisions are decisions based on your own needs they are made based by your notion of self.
  7. What is the Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment? What did it prove?
    • Proved that for a high majority of people conformity made them change their correct answer to the incorrect answer for the sake of fitting in. 80% of people changed the answer to conform to the majority.
    • you are more likely to conform with them if they are physically like you.
    • Informational conformity.
    • it happened in 1950s and it is still imortant.
  8. What are the three reasons, according to the Asch Conformity Experiment, could cause someone to agree with the group?
    • You believe they you are wrong.
    • You want to fit in even if you know that you are right
    • You know you are right but you know its part of the system.
  9. Bimester 2 Human Rights What is a Positive Liberty? What is a Negative Liberty?
    • Negative Liberty (freedom from restraint): Negative liberty is the absence of obstacles, barriers
    • or constraints. One has negative liberty to the extent that actions are available to one in this negative sense. (From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
    • Positive Liberty (freedom to act): Positive liberty is the possession of the power and resources to take control of one’s own life and make choices that fulfill one’s potential (Berlin, Isaiah. Four Essays on Liberty. 1969).
  10. Define the rights to Property, Equality, Security, and Liberty.
    • Liberty: These guarantees pertain to an individual’s freedom to choose.
    • Equality: These guarantees pertain to an individual’s indiscriminate treatment under the law
    • Security: These guarantees protect people from physical, emotional, psychological, or any kind of harm. It is most often a negative freedom.
    • Property: These guarantees pertain to rights to intellectual and physical ownership
  11. What are Human Rights? Where do they come from? What do they establish?
    The rights someone has and can claim for because he/she is alive. They are innate.
  12. What three social sectors are responsible for the defense of Human Rights?
    • The government.
    • The individuals
    • United Nations
  13. What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? How many articles does it contain?
    It is an article with a list of all the rights people have by just being born. It has 30 aricles
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