8th Lesson 1 The bottle Imp

  1. conceal
    to hide from view or to keep secret
  2. dash
    To throw violently, especially so as to break to pieces
  3. drawback
    an unfavorable condition; a disadvantage or shortcoming
  4. imp
    an evil spirit
  5. meddle
    to interfere in the affairs of another without being asked
  6. partical
    a tiny portion; a very small bit
  7. prolong
    to lengthen or extend; to draw out of continue
  8. slay
    to kill violently; to destroy
  9. temper
    to bring to the desired state of toughness:of glassware, to toughen by sudden cooling for low red heat
  10. utter
    to speak or express
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8th Lesson 1 The bottle Imp
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