Chapters 1-10

  1. political culture refers to
    the set of ideas and values Americans share about who should govern, for what ends, and what means
  2. Southern CA's political culture is best described as
    individualistic and conservative, reflecting both a backlash against communism and the opportunities for jobs in the defense industry
  3. Moralistic culture is best described as
    viewing the political arena as a commonwealth, where citizens are expected to participate for the good of every ind. and society
  4. CA's demographics are best summed up as follows
    There is no numeric majority; although whites comprise the largest percentage of the pop, Latinos have surpassed 1/3 of pop, an increase due largely to new births in state
  5. CA has been
    hostile to immigrants, passing initiatives restricting the use of languages other than English on official state documents and refusing social service programs
  6. In CA, African Americans have served the state in a variety of ways except as
    governor of state
  7. CA has ___ counties, the largest of which is ____ and the smallest of which is ____
    58; LA; Alpine
  8. CA's economy is highly dependent on its agriculture, which
    is the biggest agricultural producer and exporter in the US, earning more than the two next biggest producers, Texan and Iowa, combined
  9. CA's pop. is influenced by
    • immigration, topography, geography, agriculture
    • AoA
  10. CA's nonagricultural economy
    changed dramatically after Cold War
  11. Under Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Mexico ceded CA to the U.S.
  12. CA's first constitution provided for all EXCEPT
    direct democracy

    separation of powers, election of federal officers, declaration of rights, CA's status as a "free" state
  13. The railroads in CA
    • gained considerable power and influence in state leg and political parties
    • eventually resulted in amendments to CA constitution
    • led to a flood of new ppl, diversifying stat and economy
    • helped get Republican members elected to gvmt to advance their cause
  14. Article II of CA's constitution
    was added in 1911 as a result of the corruption of political parties and the state gov to establish initiative, referendum, and recall
  15. Article I of CA's constitution
    recognizes a right to property and privacy
  16. A constitution can be thought of as
    establishing rules of game and what political actors must do and what they are forbidden from doing
  17. CA's constitution
    is one of the longest in world
  18. All stmts about CA's direct democracy are true EXCEPT
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