Monthly Service Review: Level 4

  1. Ecological Arrangements
    Changes that adults can make in the environment to reduce distractions
  2. Priming
    Letting child know ahead of time of events that will occur in the future
  3. Visual Supports/Visual Schedule
    Visual supports will increase predictability of environment and routine and encourages independence. They can take the form of a daily schedule, choice boards, to do lists, mini schedules, token economy boards, behavior reminders, etc
  4. Providing Choices
    Allowing the child to take charge of simple situations. Letting the child choose order of activity, reinforcer, toy to use, etc
  5. Interspersal Training
    Intersperse maintenance tasks (tasks child already knows) with new ones. This will increase child motivation and self-confidence.
  6. Manipulating Setting Events
    Events that will increase the likelihood of a behavior will occur (lack of sleep, illness, hunger, unfamiliar setting, medication, noisy/crowded environment, etc)
  7. Prompt Hierarchy
    Supplementary antecedent stimuli used to occasion a correct response in the presence of an SD (that will eventually control behavior). Prompts should be used only during acquisition. Transfer stimulus control from prompt to naturally-existing stimuli quickly using fading
  8. Functional Communication Training
    Children are taught a response that serves the same function as the challenging behavior in an attempt to make the problem behavior nonfunctional.
  9. Token Economy
    Behavior change system consisting of a list of target behaviors, tokens, and back up reinforcers
  10. Contingency Contracting
    Document that specifies a contingent relationship between the completion of a specified behavior and access to a specified reward.
  11. Premack Principle
    making the opportunity to engage in a high-probability behavior contingent on a low-probability will function as a reinforcer for the low-probability behavior (If…, Then….)
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Monthly Service Review: Level 4
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