Bio1011 Exam 2

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  1. To observe natural selection's effects on a population, what must be true?
    The population must contain genetic variation.
  2. All of the following substances are produced in a muscle cell under anaerobic conditions except
    Acetyle Coa
  3. Which class of the phylum
    Cnidaria includes the animals called jellies?
  4. Biologists suspect that endosymbiosis gave rise to mitochondria before plastids because
    almost all eukaryotes have mitochondria, while only autotrophic eukaryotes have plastids.
  5. The reason that linked genes are inherited together is
    that they are located on the same chromosome.
  6. All of the following are primary functions of flowers except
  7. Collectively, jawless fish are referred to as
  8. The ideas of Hutton and Lyell that Darwin incorporated into his theory pertained to
    the age of Earth and gradual change.
  9. The structural and functional diversity among protists is illustrated by all of the following EXCEPT:
    having both aquatic and dry terrestrial members.
  10. The most recent common ancestors of all
    land plants were most likely similar to modern-day members of which group?
  11. The chloroplast structure and biochemistry
    of the red algae are most like which of the following organisms?
  12. Which one of the following statements about angiosperm
    carpels is INCORRECT?
    They produce microspores.
  13. The following are all adaptations to life on land except
    rosette cellulose-synthesizing complexes.
  14. In the phylum Platyhelminthes, which of the following classes is (are) mostly nonparasitic?
  15. An important, early incursion of placental mammals into South America occurred during:
    the Tertiary, about 12 million years ago.
  16. The three substrates (normal reactants) for the enzyme RuBP carboxylase/oxidase (rubisco) are
    CO2, O2, and RuBP.
  17. The evolutionary innovation
    that first appeared in arthropods, and thus made the animal body plan complete, was:
    Jointed appendages
  18. The person who devised a taxonomic system that used morphological (i.e., anatomical) features as the primary criteria for
    classifying organisms was:
    Carolus linnaeus
  19. All of the following are directly associated with
    photosystem I except
  20. The decrease in the size of plants on the slopes of mountains as altitudes increase is an example of
    A cline
  21. Which of the following is a true statement about plant reproduction?
    Both male and female primitive plants produce gametangia.
  22. Which of the following statements about mammalian evolution
    is correct?
    Mammals evolved from reptilian stocks even earlier than birds.
  23. The following are all true about the life cycle of
    mosses except
    gametes are directly produced by meiosis.
  24. Whenever energy is transformed, there is always an increase in the
    entropy of the universe
  25. Atoms of different phosphorus isotopes _____.
    have different numbers of neutrons
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