1. tightly (=! Apretar or apretado)
  2. clarify [2]
    aclarar; clarificar
  3. relationship
    relacion (no ship in spanish relationship)
  4. safely
    sin peligro
  5. search [2]
    busqueda; busca
  6. coarse, rough, vulgar, crude [4]
    inculto; basto; torpe; grosero
  7. gaze
    mirada (gaze out onto the "mira"ge above mas"ada")
  8. balance (in bank account) [2 other similar words]
    saldo; equilibrio; balanza
  9. right?
    come es asi?
  10. surrender [3]
    ceder; capitular; rendirse (surrender reno's reindeer)
  11. uncover, detect, discover [4]
    descubrir; destapar; averiguar; hallar
  12. reverse (direction)
    contrario (reverse in direction because of a river)
  13. parade
    desfilar (parade w/ people wearing "fila"s). Note: desfiar is to challenge
  14. adjustment, setting
  15. stiffen, harden
  16. defender, advocate
    defensor (defenders used consen"sor" technology to guage morale); paladin
  17. to spare, save up, set aside [2]
    ahorrar; guardar
  18. dirt
    suciedad ("dad" had dirt on his hands)
  19. sum
    suma (only suma cum laude's can calculate sums)
  20. damn
    maldito (damn bad "toe")
  21. descrate, defile [2]
    desecrar, profanar
  22. ice hockey
    hockey sobre hielo (hockey over ice)
  23. ceiling
    techo (same as roof)
  24. rat
    rata. Note: raton is mouse
  25. paw
    pata (woman giving paw a little "pat")
  26. tender, loving
    tierno (no "tear"s in loving and tender)
  27. dissatisfy [3]
    desplacer, desagradar, descontentar
  28. to set or reset
    encajar (set, reset the cable box)
  29. to take time
    pasar tiempo; tardar
  30. thus
    asi ("a" yes brings you to the next step in logic… thus…)
  31. linger [3]
    tardar, demorarse, aplazar
  32. bias
  33. rage
    rabia (rage like a rabid bitch dog)
  34. enroll [3]
    matricular; inscribir, registrar
  35. domain
    dominio (the domain was dominio.com)
  36. fiber
    fibra (women need to eat fiber)
  37. curriculum
    plan de estudios (study plan is a curriculum)
  38. canvas
    lona (il"lona" painted on canvas)
  39. skilled
    experto (experts are skilled)
  40. timber
    madera (timber from island of madera)
  41. citizenship
    ciudadania (citizenship of "dani"sh woman)
  42. accurately
  43. tap, cash in on
  44. historian
    historiador (historian of doors)
  45. effectively
  46. balloon
    balloons decorated like globes
  47. daylight
  48. blade (tool)
    hoja (blade slicing thru sheets of paper)
  49. mercy
    misericordia (mercy for the "miser"able a"cordia"n player)
  50. handshake
    apreton de mano (tighten of hand)
  51. exciting
    emocionante (if exciting, then it causes emotion)
  52. refer, forward, send payment [2]
    remitir (remit payment); referir
  53. joy
    alegria (joy is "ale" drinking "san"gria)
  54. mansion
    palacio (mansion like a member of italiann royal family's palace)
  55. computer file
    archivo (computer file in a cave with us nat'l documents)
  56. to exhaust
    agotar (exhaust by chasing "a goat")
  57. core
  58. predict
    predecir (to say before)
  59. coal
    carbon (coal is composed of…)
  60. glory
    gloria (glory of "gloria" estefan coming back to cuba)
  61. broadcast
  62. to outline
    perfilar; cotorno
  63. complexity
    complejidad (complexity of "ji"had "dad")
  64. hazard
  65. so that
    para que (similar to por que, because… so that)
  66. shortage
    escasez (shortage of cases of beer)
  67. setting (speed)
  68. medical
  69. to block [2]
    bloquear; blocar
  70. to turn out to be, to become
    resultar, convertier, tornarse
  71. meantime
    mientras (in the meantime while I do something stupid)
  72. nationwide
    escala (scale or stopover in flight) nacional
  73. drill
    taladrar ("tal" drilling with "dra"gon drill). Note: taladradora = drilll
  74. asshole
    gilipollas (asshole at "gilli"s bar eating chicken)
  75. increasingly
    cada vez mas
  76. missing
    que falta
  77. let someone know
    avisar. Note: anunciar=advertise, anunciantes = advertisers
  78. supposedly
  79. term (words)
    termino (term for "no")
  80. so-called
    asi llamado
  81. dealer [2]
    comerciante, negociante
  82. to strain
    esforzar (to strain b/c using force)
  83. distribute, deliver, allocate [3]
    distribuir, repartir, dispensar
  84. belch, burp
    eructar (volcano belches before "erupt"s)
  85. assume [3]
    asumir, suponer, presuponer
  86. arise, emerge
  87. viewer
  88. undress [2]
    desvestirse; desnudar (away from tying). Note: anudar = to tie
  89. calm someone down [5]
    aquietar, aplacar (placate); calmar; apaciguar (pacify w/ guaro), tranquilizar
  90. properly
  91. membership
  92. to stress
  93. hinder, make difficult [2]
    impedir; dificultar
  94. nursery
    vivero (nursery where children live and shot w/ arrows)
  95. long-term
    largo plazo
  96. anything [2]
    algo; cualquier (any, whichever, whenever) cosa
  97. wheat
    trigo (making "trig"nometric shapes in the wheat fields)
  98. poll (statistics)
    encuesta (poll conducted by the inquisition)
  99. so (as in so big)
    tal (so tall)
  100. loyalty
    lealtad ("lee" was loyal to the south)
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