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  1. executive recruiters
    (also know as headhunters) are special employment agencies employers retain to seek out top-management talent for their clients
  2. on demand recruiting services (ODRS)
    are recruiters who are paid by the hour or project, instead of a percentage fee, to support a specific project.
  3. negligent hiring
    hiring workers with questionable backgrounds without proper safeguards
  4. negligent training
    a situation where an employer fails to train adequately ,and the employee subsequently harms a third party
  5. job rotation
    a management training technique that involves moving a trainee from department to department to broaden his or her experience and identify strong and weak points
  6. performance analysis
    verifying that there is a performance deficiency and determining whether that deficiency should be corrected through training or through some other means (such as transferring the employee)
  7. organizational development
    A special approach to organizational change in which employees themselves formulate and implement the change that's required
  8. succession planning
    the ongoing process of systematically identifying, assessing, and developing organizational leadership to enhance performance
  9. task analysis
    A detailed study of a job to identify the specific skills required
  10. job aid
    a set of instructions, diagrams, or similar methods available at the job site to guide the worker
  11. glass ceiling
    many refer to this totality of subtle and not so subtle barriers that impede women's career progress
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