chapter 7 and 8 exam 2 z440

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  1. the training process (the ADDIE model)
    • Analyze training needs
    • Design the training program
    • Develop course/materials
    • Implement the program
    • Evaluation
  2. what are the issues with drug testing
    first , no drug test is foolproof. Drug test do not indicate impairment (or, for that matter, habituation or addiction) A 3 inch hair show 6 months of drugs and someone might have been using 6 months ago might have gone thro rehab and no longer uses
  3. understand the different types of interview questions
    • situational- you ask the candidate what his or her behavior would be in a given situation. (ex how would you deal with a subordinate coming to work late three days in a row)
    • behavioral- ask the applicant to describe how they reacted to actual situations in the past (ex can you think of a time when or What did you do)
    • Job related- the interview asks applicants questions about job relevant past experience
    • stress- the interviewer seeks to make the a applicant uncomfortable with occasionally rude questions
  4. how can a organization increase the standardization of interviews without creating structured interviews
    • having a standardized list can help less talented interviews conduct a interview.
    • enhance job relatedness
    • reduce overall subjectivity and thus potential for bias
  5. understand the different types of interviews and the advantages and disadvantages of each
    • one on one or sequential- most common types sequential multipa ppl interview the applicant in a one on one and then they make a decision
    • panel interview- is an interview conducted by a team of interviews (2 or 3 normally) who together rate each candidate which make the panel score
    • mass- here the panel interviews several candidates simultaneously. then the panel ask a question and see who takes the lead
  6. structured situational interview
    • a series of job related questions with predetermined answers that interviews ask of all applicants for the job
    • 1 Analyze the job
    • 2 Rate job's main duties
    • 3 Create interview questions
    • 4 Create benchmark answers
    • 5 Appoint the interview panel and conduct interviews
  7. understand the different types of training
    • On the job (OFT)- means having a person learn the job by doing it. Every employee for every level should get OFT
    • INformal- 80% is leaded this way
    • Vestibule- when you are trained outside the main work station bec its to costly or dangerous
  8. Training Effects to Measure
    • Reaction-evaluate trainees reaction to programs
    • Learning-test the trainees to see if they learned new skill
    • Behavior- has on the job behavior changed bec of training
    • Results- most important, what result did we achieve and did they┬áreach are goal
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