Neuro Abnormalities

  1. Spastic Hemiparesis
    Arm is immobile against the body, with flexion of the shoulder, elbow, wrist fingers, and adduction of shoulder. Leg is stiff and extended and drags toe in a semicircle. Uppermotor neuron lesion; CVA
  2. Cerebellar Ataxia
    Staggering, wide-based gait; difficulty with turns; uncoordinated movement with positive Rombegs sign. Alcohol effect on cerebelum, cerebellar tumor, MS
  3. Parkinsonism
    Posture is stooped; trunk pitched forward; elbows, hips, and knees are flexed. Steps are sort and shuffling. Hesitation to begin walking. Difficulty with change in direction.
  4. Peripheral Neuropathy
    Loss of sensation involves all modalities. Mostly severe distally (hands and feet) Anesthesia zone gradually merges into a hypoesthesia, then becomes normal. Diabetes, chronic alcoholism, nutritional deficiency.
  5. Decorticate Rigidity
    Flexion of arm wrist of fingers, adduction of arm against thorax. Lower extremity extension. Hemispheric lesion of cerebral cortex
  6. Decerebrate Rigidity
    Upperextremities adducted, lower extremities stiffly extended. Teeth clenched. Hyperextended back. Lesion in brain stem at midbrain Image Upload 2
  7. Flaccid Quadriplegia
    Complete loss of muscle tone and paralysis of all four extremities, completely non functional brain stem.
  8. Opisthotons
    Prolonged arching of back with head and heels bent backward. Meningial irriatation.
  9. Babinski Reflex
    • Stroke lateral aspect and across ball of foot
    • Abnormal: extension of great toe, fanning of toes. Indicates corticospinal tract disease, stroke, trauma
  10. Kernig
    • In flat position, raise leg straight or flex thigh on abdomen, then extend knee.
    • Abnormal: resistance to straightening, pain down posterior thigh. Indicates meningitis
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