BAN1 - Primate Socio-ecology

  1. What are the types of life history?
    • Type 1 - high mortality rate at end of life
    • Type 2 - continuous
    • Type 3 - high at beginning
  2. Tell me about unique human life history
    • Childhood + adolescence: larger brain, need to develop after birth
    • Childhood only after H. erectus
    • Adolescence: for developing sexually and perhaps to learn more complex social way of life
    • Menopause: grandmother hypothesis
    • Increasing seasonality in Plio/Pleistocene increase dependence of the young
  3. Talk to me about fertility rate
    • r-K continuum
    • Humans more rapid fertility: agriculturalists more fertility
    • !Kung more fertility with less mobility
    • Macaque monkey more fertility with food provisioning (Japan) - food provisioning and time budgeting important.
  4. Talk to me about life history trade-offs.
    • Pygmies - shifts life history to earlier reproduction
    • because of high mortality
    • cessation of growth
  5. Themes in Life history
    • Fertility rate
    • Unique Human Life History
    • Life history tradeoff (pygmies)
    • Life history is all to do with TRADE-OFFS between Time and Energy
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BAN1 - Primate Socio-ecology