1. Hydrocephalus
    CSF drainage. Sunset eyes, enlarged cranium, dilated scalp veins, positive macewens sign (cracked pot sound).
  2. Acromegaly
    Increase in growth hormone, enlarged skull, thickened cranial bones. Usually caused by pituitary tumor.
  3. Torticollis
    Hematoma in sternomastoid muscle. Tilt on one side, discrete nontender mass, limited ROM.
  4. Down Syndrome
    trisomy 21, up slanting eyes with epicanthal folds. Flat nasal bridge, small broad nose, thick tongue, short neck, small hands.
  5. Allergic salute and crease
    chronic allergies. transverse line
  6. Parkinson's Syndrome
    Dopamine deficiency, degeneration of basal ganglia. Immobility of features, flat face, effectionless, elevated brows, staring gaze, oily skin, drooling.
  7. Cushing's syndrome
    Excessive ACTH with chronic steroid use. Moonlike face, red cheeks, rash
  8. Hyperthyroidism
    Increase in size of thyroid. Because of graves disease. Exopthalmus, nervousness, fatigue, weight loss, muscle cramps, heat intolerance, tachycardia, sweating, muscle tremors, think silky hair and skin, infrequent blinking.
  9. Hypothyroidism
    Deficiency of thyroid hormone. Nonpitting edema, myxedema, dry skin, preorbital edema, dry coarse hair and eyebrows.
  10. Bell's Palsy
    Lower motor neuron lesion. Unilateral paralysis, cant wrinkle forehead, smooth forehead, wide palpebral fissure, flat nasolabial fold, drooling. Cranial nerve VII paralysis, caused by herpes simplex virus.
  11. Brain Attack or CVA
    Upper motor neuron lesion (central). Caused by an obstruction of cerebral vessel, or rupture of cerebral vessel. Able to wrinkle forehead and close eyes. Paralysis of lower facial muscles.
  12. Scleroderma
    "hard skin" chronic hardening and shrinking degenerative changes in skin, blood vessels, synovium, and skeletal muscles. Can occur in skin , heart, kidney, and lung. Hard shiny skin on forehead and cheeks, thin pursed lips with radial furrowing, absent skin folds; muscle atrophy on face, absence of expression.
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