Biology exam

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  1. Does smooth or rough endoplasmic reticulum have ribosomes?
    Rough does.
  2. What is the function of endoplasmic reticulum?
    The function of endoplasmic reticulum is to carry materials through the cell
  3. What is endoplasmic reticulum?
    Endoplasmic reticulum is a network of tubes or membranes.
  4. What is the nucleus' function?
    The nucleus' function is to house chromosomes made from DNA.
  5. What is a nucleus?
    A nucleus is a circular membrane inclosed which is the brain of the cell.
  6. What is a cell membranes function?
    The cell membranes function is to support and protect, to be a barrier, it control movement and selectively permeble
  7. What is a cell membrane?
    A cell membrane is a barrier.
  8. What is a cell walls function?
    The cell walls function is to support an protect the cell.
  9. What is a cell wall?
    A cell wall is the outer layer of a cell, which is made of cellulose.
  10. What is an organelle?
    An organelle  is a specialised structure with a function living within a cell. e.g. nucleus
  11. What is a prokaryote?
    A prokaryote is a organism with a cell lacking a membrane closed nucleus and organelles. e.g. bacteria
  12. What is a eukaryote?
    A eukaryote is an organism with a membrane enclosed nucleus and organelles. e.g animals cell, plant cell, fungi
  13. What are the three types of cell theory?
    • 1 - All organisms are composed of one or more cells. 
    • 2 - The cell is the basic unit of structure and organisation in organisms 
    • 3 - All cells come from preexisting cells.
  14. What is a cell?
    Cells are the smallest unit of life and are often referred to as the 'building blocks' of life. e.g. skin cell, white blood cell, red blood cell
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