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  1. What was the reform bill of 1832?
    Gave voting rights to more men. went from 5-7 percent. only male land owners
  2. What was the peoples charter of 1838?
    Gave suffrage to all men, annual elections, and secret ballots
  3. Emmeline Pankhurst?
    formed the womans social and political union. (wspu). fought for womens rights and were often violent.
  4. Who was alfred Dreyfus and what was he accused of?
    he was a high ranking french army officer accused of spying for germany.
  5. zionists?
    people devoted to help rebuild a jewish state in the ancient homeland
  6. Imperialism?
    the domination of one country over another country
  7. social darwinism?
    only the fittest will survive
  8. sepoys?
    indian soldiers in service
  9. What happened  in the berlin conference of 1884-85?
    14 european nations came together about the splitting of africa
  10. Militarism?
    glorifying power and keeping army prepared for war
  11. "powder keg" of europe?
    balkan peninsula, where the war started, where Franz. F was killed.
  12. fourteen points?
    woodrow wilsons plan for after war peace
  13. What nations actions caused the united states to fight in ww1?
    Germany resuming submarine warfare and the zimmerman note
  14. Who led germany during the last decade of the 1800's and most of ww1?
    Kaiser Wilhelm
  15. Schlieffen plan?
    Germanys plan to sneak in russia through neutral switz.
  16. What was the significant in the allied victory at the first battle of marne?
    Ruined the schlieffen plan and forced germany to fight a 2 front war
  17. what even started ww1?
    assassination of franz f.
  18. Allies Gallipoli campaign?
    tried to get to supplies to russia. failure
  19. How did the treaty of versailles affect postwar germany?
    reduced their army and they lost territory
  20. What was trench warfare intended to accomplish?
    protecting soldiers and keeping their land
  21. bolsheviks?
    caused russian revolution, led by Lenin. Marxism.
  22. Indian national congress?
    Group of hindus pushing for self rule. nationalism
  23. What event marked the beginning of the great depression?
    stock market crash
  24. Alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan?
    axis powers, tirpartite pact
  25. Why did japan invade manchuria?
    Needed resources
  26. Appeasement?
    giving into the demands of an aggressor in order to keep peace
  27. Dawes plan?
    1924, Americans loan money to the germans to stabilize german currency and strengthen economy
  28. what does fascism stress?
    glorifying the state over the individual. nationalism
  29. munich conference?
    british and french leaders got together to annex parts of czech.
  30. Kellog-Briand pact?
    Germany/france promised to never fight against eachother. 1925. Signed by 62 countries to outlaw war
  31. What prompted great britain and france to declare war on germany?
    germany invaded poland
  32. Atlantic charter?
    FDR and churchill, set final goals for the war. supported people to choose their own government. free trade
  33. What cities were the atomic bombs dropped on?
    hiroshima and nagasaki
  34. Battle of the bulge
    hitlers last offensive
  35. battle of midway
    turn of the war
  36. lend lease act
    selling of war materials to help allies
  37. Truman doctrine
    1947, trying to contain the spread of communism
  38. warsaw pact?
    pact made by russia to help fight the u.s
  39. NATO
    pact made by the u.s to help fight russia
  40. when did chinese troops enter the war in korea?
    late november 1950, after the americans were successful
  41. domino theory?
    if one nation falls to communism, the rest will follow
  42. What exiled leader led the religious opposition to western influences in iran?
    Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini
  43. What event increased u.s spending on education and technology?
    the space race. sputnik
  44. what led the soviets to blockade west berlin?
    the reunification of the 3 western zones in germany
  45. What was the primary goal for the soviet union's invasion of afghanistan?
    they wanted to reestablish the communist regime in afghanistan
  46. containment?
    blocking out all resources to a country
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