Hands finals

  1. what are gottron's papules a sign of and how do they look?
    dermatomyositis - over PIP joints and nails
  2. what are specific signs of dermatomyositis?
    gotton's papules, telangectasia, heliotrope rash, gottron's sign (over patellae)
  3. at which points must you check for light touch?
    radial border of indec (med, C6), ulnar border of little (ulnar, c8), middle finger pulp (c7), first dorsal interosseous (radial)
  4. which two specific tests can be used for carpal tunnel?
    tinel's (tap to reproduce), phalen's (inverse prayer to reproduce)
  5. at which points must you check for motor neurology?
    abd/add fingers (ulnar T1), abd thumb (median T1), ext wrist (radial C6/7), hook grip (c8)
  6. what are the main causes of polyarticular arthritis?
    RA, SLE, seronegative arthropathy, gout, pseudogout
  7. what are the main causes of monoarticular arthritis?
    sepsis, crystals, reactive
  8. what other areas would you examine if someone had dupuytren's contracture?
    soles of feet, liver, dorsal knuckle pads (garrod's), penis (peyronie's disease)
  9. what are the causes of dupuytren's contracture?
    FATE PAD (family history, alcohol, trauma, epilepsy, peyronie's, idiopathic, diabetes)
  10. which muscles are supplied by the median nerve?
    LOAF: lateral 2 lumbricals, opponens pollicis, abductor pollicis brevis.
  11. causes of carpal tunnel syndrome
    idiopathic, anatomical (bone, agromegaly, lipoma, ganglion), physiological (RA, gout, pregnancy, menopause, hypothyroid, obesity, amyloid, CKD, neuropathy (DM, alcohol))
  12. what are the causes of a pericardia lrub
    pericardial effusion, pericarditis
  13. which areas are most affected by RA?
    joints (hands, feet, c-spine) lungs, pericardium, sclera
  14. Diagnostic criteria for RA
    (4/7) morning stiffness, polyarthritis, symmetrical, hand, nodules, factor, radiography
  15. what are complications of ankylosing spondylitis?
    UC. 7 A's: anterior uveitis, apical lung fibrosis, aortic regurg, aortitis, achilles tendonitis, anaemia, amyloidosis
  16. what are the complications of psoriatic arthropathy?
    erythrodermic psoriasis with skin failure,pustular psoriasis, arthropathy
  17. what are drug causes of SLE?
    procainamide, hydralazine, isoniazid (you will always find anti-histone Abs)
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