sexual health

  1. what emergency contraception is available?
    • ECP - postinor:
    • up to 72hrs (most effective up to 40hrs)
    • progestin (levonorgestrol)

    • copper IUD:
    • up to 5 days later
    • more effective than ECP
  2. contraceptives?
    • Oestrogen and Progesterone:
    • pill - combined o and p, o builds lining of uterus and progesterone maintains it (bleeding control)
    • can't take oestrogen if liver disease, meds, blood clots etc
    • Progesterone only:
    • minipill - thickening of mucus - in some women, stops ovulation 1/3, long periods 1/3 unpredictable 1/3
    • implanon - low dose constant - stops ovulation. 3yrs. low cost. out of system after 48hrs. irregular bleeding as above.
    • depoprovera - injected into bottom - every 12 weeks. suppresses ovulation. stronger dose. after 3 injections majority of women have no periods (small proportion get heavy bleeding)
    • IUD's:
    • - copper
    • - progesterone - mirena
    • Barrier method:
  3. mastitis
    • best way to treat - continue to drain breast. run into problems if miss feed.
    • start preferentially on that breast. if know how, drain certain area. take antibiotics (flucloxacillin or ceflex)
    • review withing 48hrs. if fever drops and redness starts to go away - getting into abcess situation. may need surgery.
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