FM 4-02 Army Health System

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  1. What FM covers Army Health System?
    FM 4-02
  2. What is the Army Health System?
    The AHS is a system designed to effectively and efficiently clear the battlefield of casualties and provide care to wounded or ill Soldiers.
  3. What two warfighting functions does the AHS support?
    • Sustainment Warfighting Function
    • Protection Warfighting Function
  4. What does TC3 stand for and what is it?
    TC3 stands for Tactical Combat Casualty Care. It occurs during a combat mission and most commonly provided by enlisted personnel.
  5. What are the six principles of the AHS?
    • Flexibility
    • Control
    • Mobility
    • Conformity
    • Continuity
    • Proximity
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FM 4-02 Army Health System
FM 4-02 Army Health System
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