ADP 5-0 Operations Process

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  1. What ADP covers the Operations Process?
    ADP 5-0
  2. What are CCIR’s?
    Information needed by command to make critical decisions.
  3. Assessment consists of which activities?
    • Monitoring the situation
    • Evaluating the progress
    • Recommending action for improvement
  4. What are the 2 guides to effective execution?
    • Seize the initiative through action
    • Accept prudent risk to exploit opportunities
  5. What are the steps of the Military Decision Making Process?
    • Receive the Mission
    • Mission Analysis
    • Course of Action Development
    • Course of Action Analysis
    • Course of Action Comparison
    • Course of Action Approval
    • Orders production, Dissemination and transition
  6. What are methodologies that assist commanders and staff with planning?
    • Army Design Methodology
    • Military Decision Making Process
    • Troop Leading Procedures
  7. What does CCIR stand for?
    Commander’s Critical Information Requirements
  8. What are 2 parts of CCIR’S?
    • Friendly Force Information Requirements
    • Priority Intelligence Requirements
  9. What does EEFI stand for?
    Essential Elements of Friendly Information
  10. What are EEFI’s?
    Elements of Information that need to be protected
  11. What are the 4 parts of the Operations Process?
    Plan, Prepare, Execute, Assess
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