ADP 3-37 Protection

  1. ´╗┐What ADP covers Protection?
    ADP 3-37
  2. During the preparation phase, what is the focus of protection?
    Deterring and preventing the enemy from reducing our combat power and freedom of action
  3. What is meant by the principle redundant?
    Protection efforts are often redundant anywhere that a vulnerability or a critical point of failure is identified
  4. What is the protection?
    The preservation of personnel, equipment, facilities, information, and infrastructure
  5. What are the protection principles?
    • Redundant
    • Enduring
    • Layered
    • Integrated
    • Comprehensive
  6. What is meant by the principle layered?
    Protection capabilities are arranged using a layered approach to provide strength and depth
  7. When does assessment occur?
    During preparation
  8. What is the first step towards effective protection?
  9. What is essential for effective decision-making?
    An accurate assessment
  10. What do active defense measures assist in?
    Denying the initiative to the enemy
  11. What is meant by the principle integrated?
    Protection is integrate with other activities, systems, efforts and capabilities associated with unified land operations
  12. What is meant by the principle comprehensive?
    Protection is an all-inclusive utilization of complementary and reinforcing protection tasks
  13. What is done to assist in identifying and preventing threats and hazards?
    Collaboration, integration and synchronization between the war fighting functions
  14. What is the goal of Protection Integration?
    To balance protection with the freedom of action
  15. How can protection be maximized?
    By integrating the elements of combat power to reinforce protection
  16. What does protection achieve?
    Preserves combat power by identifying and preventing threats
  17. What is the staff looking for as the monitor the conduct of operations during execution?
    Variances from the scheme of maneuver and protection
  18. What is meant by the principle enduring?
    Protection capabilities are ongoing activities for maintain the objectives of preserving combat power, populations, partners, essential equipment and resources
  19. What are the keys to protection planning?
    • Identify threats and hazards
    • Assess the threats ad hazards
    • Develop preventive measures
    • Integrate protection tasks
  20. What are the protection war fighting functions?
    They are the tasks and systems that preserve the force
  21. What is assessment?
    Assessment is determining the progress towards accomplishing a task or achieving an objective
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