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  1. What is a revolution?
    A revolution is the overthrow of one government and its replacement of another.
  2. What is a strategy?
    An overall plan or plans.
  3. What is a volunteer?
    A volunteer is a person who performs a service for free.
  4. How can you enlist?
    Enlisting is to agree to serve in an army or navy.
  5. What is a mercenary?
    A mercenary is a soldier hired to fight for a foreign army.
  6. What is a tactic?
    A tactic is a planned action , such as a way of moving or using troops aimed at reaching a certain goal.
  7. What is a turning point?
    A turning point is an event that leads to a dramatic change.
  8. What is a treaty?
    A treaty is a formal agreement between 2 or more nations.
  9. What is a home front?
    A home fronts are areas away from the fighting in a country at war.
  10. Which battle was the turning point in the war that convinced the French to send supplies to help the patriots?
    The battle of Lexington.
  11. What type of people were in the Continental army?
    There were many poor farmers but there were also merchants and workers.
  12. What 3 problems did the Continental army and navy face?
    They were very small, hardly had any money, and they were untrained.
  13. What motivated the soldiers in the Continental army to win?
    They believed that they were defending the rights described in the Declaration of Independence.
  14. In what ways did the allies helped the Patriots?
    The allies brought in soldiers from their countries.
  15. What disadvantages the British had?
    They didn't know the land and it was hard to get supplies.
  16. How did women Patriots play a role in helping win this war?
    The women ran farms and businesses, they also brought supplies to camps, made uniforms, and worked as nurses.
  17. What did the British agree to in the treaty of Paris in 1783?
    They agreed to giving the land they won to the colonists.
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