Test 3 Reading A. Korn

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  1. Adolf Korn
    • Adolf Bartruff - Korn
    • born in San Antonio
    • abducted by Arizona Apache's while doing labor work for a neighbor
    • was traded to Quahada Comanche
    • became one of the most completely assimilated captive
    • his accounts and activities were based off of other captive narratives, but it has been noted that Adolf was very extreme in his exploitation and was highly successful in causing mischief and stealing horses
    • speculations about how and why he chose to adopt Comanche was due to his age at abduction (10) and his short time spent with them which was about 3 years
    • his reentry into society was not successful
    • his Comanche name was Cachoco.
    • died at 41 y/o
    • he never readjusted to german-american way of life.
  2. Who kidnapped Adolf?
    Arizona Apache's
  3. captured children went through what 2 types of phases of harsh reeducation?
    • Assimilation with their captors
    • restoration with society
  4. who is the most formidable white indian?
    Adolf Korn
  5. who were Korn's fellow captives?
    • Herman Lehmann
    • Clinton Smith
  6. possibilities of why Adolf became the most indianized captive despite his short experience with the comanche's and why he had a dificult adjustment?
  7. why did indians generally take captives?
    • replace tribal losses from war and disease
    • for bargaining
    • vengeance for relatives slained by white people
    • could have also been part of a test for assimilation
  8. true or false: indians treated their adopted children with much affection?
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