Chp 4 Ojo

  1. soportar
    "No puedo soportar su actitud"
    • to tolerate or put up with
    • "I can't stand your attitude"
  2. mantener 
    "Mi tío rico mantiene a toda la familia"
    • to support financially
    • "My rich uncle supports the whole family"
  3. apoyar
    "La apoyo en la campaña política actual."
    • to support in the sense of to back or to favor 
    • "I'm supporting her in the current political campaign."
  4. sostener 
    "Él sostiene al niño en sus brazos."
    • to support in the physical sense to hold or hold up 
    • "He supports the child in his arms."
  5. cerca (de)
    "Nuestra casa está muy cerca de la playa."
    • When close refers to the physical proximity of people of objects. 
    • "Our house is very close to the beach."
  6. cercano/a
    "La ciudad más cercana es Albuquerque."
    • Adjective - physical proximity
    • "The closest city is Albuquerque."
  7. cercano/a
    "Mi pariente más cercano es mi padre."
    • Can also describe the degree of blood relationship between relatives. 
    • "My closet relative is my father."
  8. intimo/a
    "Elena y Mercedes son amigas íntimas."
    • When close describes friendship or emotional ties.
    • "Elena and Mercedes are close friends."
  9. unido/a
    "En general, la familia hispana es muy unida."
    • Expresses the closeness of family ties (but not blood relationships.)
    • "In general, the Hispanic family is very close-knit."
  10. importar
    "Te importa si abro la ventana?"
    • When to care has the meaning of to be interested in. 
    • "Do you care (mind) if I open the window?"
    • [Works like gustar]
  11. cuidar
    "La Sra. Pérez cuidó a su madre por muchos años."

    "Si no te cuidas, te vas a enfermar."
    • To care for or to take care of. 
    • When used reflexively, it means to take care of yourself
    • "Mrs. Pérez cared for her mother for many years."
    • "If you do not take care of yourself, you are going to get sick."
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