brain mind and behavior final part 1

  1. describe what consciousness, according to carter
    consciousness is looked at as having free will (having control over your own thoughts and actions)
  2. describe the characteristics of the Pre-frontal cortex
    plays a huge role in free will (according to carter), only active during cognitive work, receives input from the limbic system, receives information from almost all other cortical regions, consciousness is perhaps based only on a few other brain regions
  3. describe self-awareness
    knowing that there is information that is created in the world around me and there is information in my head that you are responsible for (and there is a difference between the two)
  4. dorsal Pre-frontal cortex
    use it to do purposeful conscious cognitive work (controlled thoughts), working memory
  5. Orbito-frontal cortex
    sticking with your plans by inhibiting urges from the limbic system
  6. Ventromedial
    gives emotional significance to decision making
  7. describe free will
    being in charge f your mind and behavior
  8. cartesian
    dualism, the mind and the body are the same (they connect via the pineal gland), consciousness is not physical
  9. neuroscience description of consciousness
    consciousness is a result of brain activity
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brain mind and behavior final part 1
brain mind and behavior final part 1