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  1. 701 702 Factoids & Intel for FLASHCARDS
    701 702 Factoids & Intel for FLASHCARDS
  3. HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG contains information gathered at runtime about...
    Hardware. Gets info from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, which stores settings that are specific to the PC.
  4. HKCR, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT defines standard class ______, aka applications, and what you can do with the ________.
    Object Object (such as file associations and Class IDs, tying them to the applications used to handle these items.)
  5. ToggleKeys will provide ______ cues when the locking keys (CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, or SCROLL LOCK) are pressed.
    tone (Hint: T for tone/toggle) (assistive technology for the impaired)
  6. StickyKeys allows the user to press a modifier key, such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or the Windows key, and have it remain _____ until another key is pressed.
    active. (assistive technology for the impaired)
  7. FilterKey tells the keyboard to ignore brief or repeated ______, in order to make typing easier for people with hand tremors.
    keystrokes. (assistive technology for the impaired)
  8. Vista’s UAC prevents programs from running with _______unless you explicitly allow them.
    escalated privileges
  9. You can get to the Services snap-in in three ways: 1) Start | Run or Start Search and type services.msc, Drill down into Computer Management in Administrative Tools, or...
    Double-click the Services icon in Administrative Tools.
  10. Windows Sidebar has a number of interesting ______: for example, a CPU meter that you can use to monitor realtime CPU usage.
  11. Sync Center is used to sync external devices, e.g., PDA, in Windows Vista: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate, but not...
    Enterprise. (Hint: PDA's are more for personal use, than for networks)
  12. To get to the Computer name in 2000/XP, right-click __________/Properties/Computer Name (Tab).  In Vista, just right-click “Computer”/Properties
    My Computer.
  13. sigverif.exe, run on the RUN line, maintains the integrity of Windows by verifying which critical files have been ______ ______.
    Digitally signed.
  14. You'd run the Driver Verifier Manager to diagnose problems with _____.
    Drivers (Duh.)
  15. Mikes installed a new external DVD drive. At reboot, he got a BSOD. He shut down the PC and disconnected the DVD. What should he try now?
    Last Known Good Configuration.
  16. 2 key combo to open Start Menu?
    Ctrl Esc.
  17. XP Boot up process: Power good > CPU > POST > NTLDR > ______ > NTOSKRNL > OS.
  18. Automatic Private IP Addresses (APIPA) start with ___.254.
    169 (Hint: 69 is a PRIVATE activity.)
  19. 802.11g WiFi operates at what FREQUENCY, with a max transfer speed of Mbps.
    2.4 Ghz. 54 Mbps. (Note: 5 Ghz is used by 802.11a, and either 2.4 or 5 is used by 802.11n)
  20. CCFL is used in what type of displays?
    LCD. Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamps (CCFL) (Hint. C-C; lCd - CCfl.)
  21. 168 pins pins can be found in what type of RAM?
    (plain/original)SDRAM (Hint: S=Six or Seven) Synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM). synchronous, because it waits for a clock signal before responding and is therefore synchronized with the computer's system bus.
  22. How many pins in DDR SODIMM?
    200. (Hint: D=dos=2 in Spanish).
  23. DDR2 SDRAM and DDR3 SDRAM has how many pins?
    240. (Hint: DDR2 & DDR3 are the fastest, latest, biggest. So...the most pins.)
  24. RDRAM for desktop PCs has how many pins?
    184 pins (Hint: RDRAM is sooo 80's. not really from the 80's, but old.)
  25. SO-DIMMs have how many pins?
    200. (Hint: O=0)
  26. (plain/original) SDRAM has how many pins?
    168 (Hint: S=six)
  27. RDRAM (Rambus DRAM) memory ranges from 400 Mhz to as high as?
    1066 Mhz
  28. DDR3 SDRAM comes in what speeds? PC6400...
    • PC8500
    • PC10667
    • PC12800.
  29. DDR2 comes in what speeds? PC...
  30. If you mix RAM, your PC will run at the speed of the FASTEST or SLOWEST RAM?
  31. "Wake on XXXXX" does what?
    allows you to wake PC up a PC from Sleep Mode without hitting the power button. For example, by using the mouse, keyboard, etc.
  32. What is the difference between SIGVERIF.EXE and Driver Verifier Manager?
    sigverif.exe VERIFies which drivers are digitally SIGned by Microsoft. Driver Verifier Manager diagnoses drivers causing problems like BSOD, hanging.
  33. You've installed an expansion card or updated a driver, but are getting the BSOD. What would be the logical tool to use?
    Driver Verifer Manager.
  34. How do you launch Driver Verifier Manager?
    Start>Run> "verifier"
  35. If a PC's case is opened, a ________ is noted in a "BIOS event log."
    "Chassis intrusion"
  36. A power supply unit (PSU) can also be called Switching _____Power Supply
    mode (AC mode to DC mode)
  37. A newer PSU comes with ___-wire P1, aka ATX cable, with an backward-compatible converter for older ____-wire sockets.
  38. PSU's wattage are rated at their _____ output.
  39. After a lightning storm, your PC won't turn on. What is a good PC component to check?
    PSU (power supply unit). Surge protectors cannot protect from lightning and the PSU will sacrifice itself for the PC.
  40. Where is the 115-230v switch on a typical desktop?
    On the PSU (power supply unit) itself. Laptops typically automate that in the power converter.
  41. What type of PATA cables improve airflow?
    rounded ones.
  42. Each SCSI device AND the host SCSI adapter ALL get a unique ID. T/F.
  43. SCSI Terminators must be used at the end of each chain of SCSI devices. T/F.
    T. (to include the SCSI Control card on the mboard, if applicable.)
  44. Bob added a new device to his SCSI chain, but cannot see it. Why?
    Bob forgot to turn SCSI terminator off on the device previously at the end of the chain.
  45. Bob added a new device to his SCSI chain. Now he can't see any of his SCSI devices. Why?
    He forgot to turn the terminator ON on the new device.
  46. What is the throughput speed of SATA and SATA2?
    1.5Gbps 3Gbps (Hint: 2x1.5=3; SATA is serial, so b vs. B.)
  47. Manually configuring drive settings in BIOS was replaced by what?
  48. Drive thrashing is a symptom of?
    Low virtual memory.
  49. If a SATA controller card is not recognized by Windows during install, press ___ during install to load drivers.
  50. Convert ____ to NTFS at the command prompt, type "convert C:/fs:ntfs."
  51. If a removable media/drive cause the PC to crash, remove device, and reboot into _____.
    Last known Good (to recover and research the problem.)
  52. The fastest SINGLE laser CD-ROM read speed is___x.
    52. (multiple lasers can go faster)
  53. Blu-ray devices can read DVD's, and CD's. T/F?
    T. Newer optical technology can read earlier optical tech.
  54. Which keeps a users' setting and applications? Clean Install OR Upgrade?
  55. Which eliminates older drivers and older bugs? Clean install or upgrade?
    Clean install.
  56. Lockups at boot? Press ___ and start ___ mode. Let it lock up again and reboot in __ mode to read the ntbtlog.txt file.
  57. What is the problem with adding a hard drive with a different controller (on an add-on card)? What is the workaround?
    The OS, once installed, is tied to the motherboard's hard drive controller. You need to hit f6 to load drivers for the add-on card's controller.
  58. Windows NT Startup 4 steps: 1. Boot...
    2. Kernel, 3. Session Manager, 4. Winlogon.
  59. Boot Loader Phase (3)
  60. Vista AERO requires? CPU __ Mhz, Memory __ MB, HD __GB.
    1 Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM, 40 GB HD.
  61. Multi-Lingual User Interface devices support foreign languages, but is only available from the ___.
  62. 2 ways to start Services:
    • 1. Control Panel>Admin Tools>Services>Service to start>start;
    • 2. My Computer (Right Click)>Manage>Services and Applications>Services>Services to start>.
  63. BEST way to insure data is removed from a HD before recycling? 2 options.
    Remove HD and destroy it. Degauss w/ magnet.
  64. The command "format C:\q" is a quick way to...
    erase/reformat the C drive.
  65. A great way to limit Internet usage in Vista is through what tool?
    Parental Controls.
  66. The "netstat" command does what?
    (network statistics) is a command-line tool that displays network connections (both incoming and outgoing), routing tables, and a number of network interface statistics.
  67. The "netstat" command with "-n" does what?
    Displays active TCP connections, however, addresses and port numbers are expressed numerically and no attempt is made to determine names.
  68. TCP/IP acronym for:
    Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP).
  69. DHCP acronym for:
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is an autoconfiguration protocol used on IP networks. DHCP allows a computer to be configured automatically, eliminating the need for intervention by a network administrator. It also provides a central database for keeping track of computers that have been connected to the network. This prevents two computers from accidentally being configured with the same IP address.
  70. One security benefit of enabling a Guest account for someone is...
    Gives a person limited access to a shared machine.
  71. 2 paths to change a user PW:
    • 1. Control Panel>User Accounts;
    • 2. Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Mgmt>Local Users & Groups>Users>(Right click) user.
  72. The NTFS inheritance feature causes existing folders to inherit the same ______ of the existing folder.
  73. Vista/7's volume shadow copy does what?
    Automatically back-up copies of every file and folder. Allows access to previous versions of a file, even deleted ones.
  74. A path to adjusting the page file (virtual memory)
    Control Panel>System>Advanced>Performance (settings)>Advanced.
  75. The default page file (virtual memory) is set at what multiple of RAM?
    1.5 (x RAM).
  76. Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) is a specially formatted bootable media used to...
    restore a computer to a bootable state if the registry or other fundamental system components are damaged.
  77. Automated System Recovery (ASR) in Windows XP and later OS'es that can be used to:
    simplify recovery of a computer's system or boot volumes.
  78. ERD and ASR require both ___ and ___ to work.
    the OS CD-ROM... and the ERD/ASR backup.bkf file...
  79. If you have a missing DLL message at boot/login, run ____
    "sfc/scannow". (sfc=System File Checker, /scannow+scans all protected system files.)
  80. Disk Management is located in____.
    Administrative Tools>Computer Management.
  81. If "the Windows security log is full" you need to increase... This may require authorization from a(n)....
    the size of the log in Event Viewer... Admin.
  82. Compatability mode allows you to run a previous version of ____ or tweak the specs of a running ____.
  83. CHKDSK, scans for errors in ___ or invalid file names on HD.
  84. CHKDSK can resolve problems with apps failing to start. T/F.
  85. Autochk.exe is equivalent to _____, but is designed to run at Install and at ____.
  86. The Recovery Console is a available pre or post OS launch?
  87. The Recovery Console allows you to perform _____ tasks, i.e., BOOTCFG, DISKPART, FIXBOOT, FIXMBR.
  88. BOOTCFG edits what file?
  89. FIXBOOT writes a new what?
    A new partition boot sector.
  90. FIXMBR repairs what?
    Master Boot Record.
  91. Environment variables are strings that contain info such a drive, path, file name. They are edited in what path?
    Startup>Control Panel>System>Advanced >Environment Variables
  92. CD's typically hold ___ MB.
  93. What is the max ADVERTISED capacity of single sided, single layer DVD?
    4.7 GB.
  94. What is the MAXIMUM ADVERTISED capacity of single sided, dual layer DVD?
    8.54 GB.
  95. Each layer of a Blue Ray disc has how many GB?
    25. So, a dual layer BLU, 50GB.
  96. A USB controller can have up to ___ devices.
  97. USB 2.0 top speed is___ with a max cable length of ___ meters..
    480 Mbps...5 meters.
  98. USB 1 top speed is___ with a max cable length of ___ meters.
    12 Mbps....3 meters.
  99. Many USB devices are know as "Human ______ Devices."
  100. Firewire (IEEE394b) runs at either 400 or How much faster is USB 2 than USB 1?
    • 40 times. ___ Mbps, with a max cable length of ___ meters or ___ feet.
    • 800... 4.5 meters or 15 feet.
  101. A controller can handle up to ___ Firewire devices.
  102. Serial ports can be configured in XP's _____ Manager.
  103. KVM acronym for keyboard, ____, _____.
    Video, Mouse.
  104. Newer KVMs have USB and ____ connections. Older KVM's might have VGA and ____. Connections.
  105. 3 older types of older analog video are composite (VGA), ___, ____.
    S-video, component.
  106. Is ScanDisk capable of removing malware?
  107. Mikes's XP PC fails at boot w/ an "NTLDR missing or corrupt" message. What is a good way to fix?
    Boot to CD-ROM and do a repair.
  108. Wireless keyboards use 802.11 or bluetooth?
  109. A firewall is usually located on the network, server, client computer?
    Client computer.
  110. A local poison control center number would be on an MSDS. T/F.
    F. (MSDS not made for a specific area.)
  111. Smss.exe gets launched during what part of the boot 4-phase boot process: Boot, Kernel, Session Manager, Winlogon?
    Session Manager.
  112. In XP, use bootcfg.exe and /rebuild to edit the ___ file in ____ console.
    boot.ini Recovery mode.
  113. Vista uses a newer boot loader called _____ that replaces NTLDR and is configured using BCDEdit.exe).
  114. Hold down control and drag a file to _____ a file, but Hold down Shift and drag a file to ____ it.
    copy move
  115. 2 keys to open Startup?
  116. 2 Keys to Lock Windows?
  117. XP uses recovery console, Vista uses STARTUP ____.
  118. Metallic, shielded wire designed to prevent EMI?
    STP (Shielded Twisted Pair).
  119. 2 ways to upgrade a printer?
    Increase memory, NIC.
  120. Mini molex uses what voltage?
    5 (red cable) and 12 (yellow cable)
  121. Dust in a laptop can cause a fan to run too ____ due to a lack of airflow.
  122. The loopback address is the same as a Local Host ID, which is ip address___.
  123. You install a HD and CD Rom. Neither work when both are plugged in, but one will if the other is disconnected. What needs fixing?
    Power Supply.
  124. EFS encrypts files and _____.
  125. If one troubleshooting theory is wrong, develop ____ before taking things apart.
  126. Path to change a language in Vista.
    Control panel > Regional and Language Settings > Keyboards & Language > Install/uninstall languages.
  127. SFC (System File Checker) helps restore _____ files.
  128. CHKDSK /f /r is used to.
    Fix and repair.
  129. How much faster is USB 2 than USB 1?
    40 times.
  130. What devices uses a laser to detect between black and white lines?
    Laser bar code reader
  131. When configuring a bar code reader, what switch allows you to read vertical lines?
    A switch.
  132. Sally is canning products in a store and given a new bar code reader that doesn't work. Why?
    It needs to be calibrated.
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