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  1. the test to detect in vivo blood cell sensitization is?
    Direct Coombs
  2. Warm Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (WAIHA) accounts for what percent of the total type of  AIHA that we see?
  3. a test performed to disassociate antibody from the antigen bound tot he red blood cell is ?
  4. All of the following are signs of Warm autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Except?
    Grass hemolysis
  5. what are the signs of warm AIHA?
    • strong pos DAT
    • jaundiced serum
    • very low HgB
  6. Which test would show a lower then normal result after a patient experiences hemolytic red blood cell destruction?
  7. what is sometime seen in severe Cold Autoimmune hemolytic anemia ?
    ABO revers typing discrepancy
  8. The causative antibody in Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria (PCH) is a biphasic antibody that is _______ and is related to _______ blood group system.
    IgG, P
  9. A drug known to be capable of causing Drug Induced Hemolytic anemia as a high molecular weight hapten is?
  10. which of the following disorders is NOT an autoimmune disease ?
    bacterial meningitis
  11. in order for an antibody to crass maternal placenta it must be of which immunoglobulin class?
  12. an antibody known to cause severe hemolytic disease (HDN) is?
    anti D
  13. The problem of high level of unconjugated bilirubin may be seen in newborns with HDN because of ?
    lack of glucronyltransferase
  14. In hemolytic disease of newborn, if the rate of RBC destruction exceeds the rate of production, the infent's problem in utero is?
  15. blood smear from the baby with severe hemolytic disease would have?
    reticulocytes and nucleated RBC
  16. a 300 ug dose of Rh immune globulin with protect Rh negative patient from how much Rh positive whole blood interring the circulation?
  17. A qualitative screening test used to detect Rh D positive fetal red blood cells in the post partum mothers circulation is the?
    Rosette test
  18. Rh Immune Globuline or trade name "RhoGam"  only protects an Rh negative mother from developing an immune stimulated anti?
  19. Rh Immune Globuline is given during pregnancy (antepartum) to Rh negative woman during which week in the gestation period?
  20. ABO hemolytic disease of the new born occurs in how many pregnancies?
    1 in 5
  21. THe risk of fetal to maternal bleed in an Rh negative mother carrying Rh positive fetus during a First pregnancy is?
  22. Healthy full term babies are born with a mean cold Hemoglobine level of?
    16.9 +/- 1.6gm/dL
  23. antibodies of what system cause febrile/ chill type transfusion reaction?
  24. The key reason for providing fresh donor RBC to newborn and preterm babies requiring transfusion is?
    less potassium
  25. which test is essential prier to performing RBC infant transfusion?
    crass match with the mother
  26. A primary reason for exchange transfusion of infants is to?
    reduce billirubin
  27. very low platelet count in neonates can cause ?
    intracranial hemorrhage
  28. We might see extravascular hemolysis in a red cell transfusion reaction caused by incompleat blood where the patient has
    anti Jka
  29. a sever hemolytic trasfusion reaction with a large amount of intravascular hemolysis could be caused by antibodies of what system?
  30. a key signe of transfusion reaction caused by circulatory overload is?
  31. the most common type of transfusion reaction are?
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