Ethical Consumerism

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  1. Carrier def:
    the shaping of purchasing decisions by an evaluation of the moral attributes of an object
  2. def
    • purchasing products that minimise social/enviromental damage
    • "conscientious consumption"
  3. Carrier - CONSUMPTION def
    "the meaningful use people make of the objects around them"
  4. consumption and personhood
    • possessive individualism
    • produces a human being that is made up of objects
    • clearest way to express our moral choices
    • through "dollar voting" - either positive buying or moral boycott
    • eg organic produce, a vote for environmental sustainabuility
  5. Critiques of EC
    • ability to affect structural change is limited 
    • affordability - uneven distribution of wealth prevents consumerism (ethical or otherwise)
    • expensive green products - 'bourgois bohemians'
    • displace responsibility from governments and corporations to individuals
    • fetishisation - info limited regarding background/outcomes of purchase
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