Choice Ethnographies

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  1. Friedman "The Republic of Choice" - individualism
    • Individualism - choice makes up the individual 
    • Rights that liberal democracies advocate and affects of neo-liberalism prompts this
    • freedom is understood and experienced as a series of personal choices about work, political/social affiliation,life-style, and family
    • - makes you fully human
  2. Friedman - how neoliberal democracies impact individualism
    • W soc held together by laws which grant, define, protect a network of entitlements (rights)
    • = results in citizens thinking of themselves as free, unique, possessing ability of free choice
  3. Friedman - individualism in crisis?
    • Authority structures and legal systems restrict our freedom and choice
    • urban, industrial "anthills" of mass society
  4. individualism in crisis? but laws instrument of personal choice
    • rather, laws and legal institutions are another instrument of personal choice
    • structures and substance depend of the values of the society at large
    • they are themselves chosen
    • societal structres/technology/politics affect how people think - shapes pop culture

    they can be changed
  5. Rose: "Inventing Ourselves" Power and Personhood
    • argues the ethic of the free defines how we come to understand ourselves
    • The Self: beings of liberty, choice, fulfillment
  6. Rose - political rationalities of liberalism
    • rights and powers as a citizen become the essence of being human
    • = self understood through new rationalities of gov
  7. Rose - historical not ontological
    • argues there are different version of the self in history
    • relations to ourselves mostly historical not ontological
    • history challenged the self practically and conceptually
    • questions "naturalness" of self
    • eg reproduction debates, abotions, transplants
    • these all problematise the self
    • = self is not only about CHOICE and FREEDOM 
    • self is historicised and culturally relativised
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