Cosmetic Surgery

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  1. Cosmetic Surgery intro
    • normalised but element of choice
    • only purpose of improving one's appearance and/or removing signs of ageing
    • crucial in the quest for beauty
    • is beauty embedded in social values or is it sujective
  2. Cosmetic Surgery - the W body
    • CS - our body is unnatural
    • CS fetishises a particular body so in so far that our version of nature/a natural body is anything but natural
    • we culturalise nature through biotechnology

    • the naturalistic approaches of the body as a biological given have been overturned
    • rather, it has defined the body as a sociocultural/historic phenomenon

    cultural ideals of beauty are an index of expression of social values and beliefs
  3. The Symbolic Body
    • Reischer and Loo
    • the representational or symbolic nature of the body as a conduct of social meaning
    • Mary Douglas - body is viewed metaphorically as a text that can be read as a symbol of the social world it inhabits
  4. the Western symbolic body
    • Reischer and Koo
    • a ¬†firm body is associated with ideas about our character
    • shows discipline, motivation, mental strength, willpower
    • shows beauty is not skin deep!
  5. Western symbolic body changes over time
    fatness as a symbol of wealth but now signifies a lower socioeconomic status and ill health
  6. Agentic body - Reischer and Koo
    and example
    • the role of the body as an active participant in the social world
    • capacity for resistance
    • Ellman - shows how anorexia and hunger strikes use the body as a powerful form of speech
    • central to personal and political expression
  7. Kaw
    • CS deployed to address racial stigma
    • argues there is an intersection between racial idealogy and capitalist consumerism
    • Asian American women seeing CS as a pragmatic choice
    • eyes more "open" by constructing a double eye lid
    • reduces look of "sleepiness", passivity to look more alert
    • aligns with capitalist work ethic whih values assertiveness and quick wit
    • = done to look more white/assimilate but also seen as a socioeconomic advantage
    • investing in future
  8. Popenoe
    • Azawagh Arabs of Niger
    • bodily discipline not linked to deprivation
    • forcible fattening
    • force feeding intended to accelerate process of sexual maturity in females
    • fatness associated with womanliness¬†
    • voluptuous immobility beautifies girls' bodies
  9. Popenoe - gender difference
    actively cultivates aesthetic of softness, pliability, stillnessdramatises difference from men who are hard, upright, mobile
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