SGU SVM Pharmacology I

  1. What are the three names of drugs?
    Chemical Name

    Nonproprietary Name

    Proprietary Name
  2. Pharmacodynamics
    To study the response of an organism or tissue to the actions of drugs in the absence of disease
  3. Pharmacotherapy
    use of drugs in the treatment of disease
  4. Therapeutics
    treatment of diseases in general including the use of drugs, surgery, radiation, behavior modification, and /or modalities
  5. Pharmacokinetics
    The study and characterization of the time course of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

    Basis for drug dosage regimens in various species
  6. Chemotherapy
    a branch of pharmacology dealing with drugs that selectively inhibit or destroy specific agents
  7. Toxicology
    Study of Poisons

    Science that defines limits of safety of chemical agents to humans and animals
  8. Posology
    study of medicine dosages
  9. Pharmacognosy
    study of naturally occuring drug sources
  10. Pharmacy
    A seperate and complimentary health care profession concerned with collection, preparation, standardization and dispensing of drugs
  11. Clinical Pharmacology
    pertaining to or founded on actual observation and treatment of patients
  12. M.E.D.I.C.
    Minimal Essenstial Drug Informaton
  13. Name the 8 Parts of MEDIC
    • 1) Therapeutic Goal
    • 2) Routes of Administration and Dose Forms
    • 3) Dose Regimen
    • 4) Legal/Withdrawal Times
    • 5) Cost
    • 6) Special Precautions and Contraindications
    • 7) Adverse Reactions
    • 8) Evaluations
  14. 5 Molecular Aspects of Drug Binding
    • 1) Covalent
    • 2) Electorstatic
    • 3) Hydrogen
    • 4) Van Der Waals
    • 5) Hydrophobic
  15. 3 Types of Receptors
    • 1) Cell Membrane
    • 2) Cytoplasm
    • 3) Nucleus
  16. Agonist
    affinity plus efficacy
  17. Antagonist
  18. Full Agonist
    maximum effect with only a portion of the receptors occupied
  19. Partial Agonist
    All receptors occupied never reach maximum effect
  20. Spare Receptors
    receptors unoccupied at maximum effect
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