1. In what era was egyptian embalming
  2. Which culture placed a cross on the chest of the deceased or crossed the deceased arms across their chest?
    early christians
  3. Who developed 19th Century development of Chemical embalming?
    Dr. Thomas Holmes
  4. Who was the Father of American Embalming?
    Dr. Thomas Holmes
  5. What was the key to survival & life of the Egyptian people?
    Successful preservation of body, mummy remain intact
  6. Which culture used cypress wood, known as the "eternal wood" for one form of burial container?
  7. In acient Egypt, which ingredients were used to prepare a body for burial?
    • for wealthy: Natron (salt solution), wine, oils, various spirits, for
    • middle class: natron & cedar oil,
    • for poor: natron & asphalt "terpentine"
  8. Who used the term "libitianrious" & to what did it refer?
    Roman-he was the "head undertaker" he did business at the temple of Libidinal
  9. Constantine was an important ruler in which culture?
    Roman emperor
  10. Who discovered formaldehyde?
    Butlerov /Russian 1859 & Hofman /German 1868
  11. Which culture practiced the tearin or "rending" their clothes as a sign of mourning?
    Hebrews called it "kriah" rending of clothes as sign of mourning
  12. For the Egyptians where was the seat of intellect & emotion?
    • The heart was the seat of intellect & emotion
    • Ba was the soul
    • the Ka was the double of indiviual stayed with grave
  13. Who used the "y" incision to open both the Thorascia & adominal cavities to treat organs?
    Dr. Frederick Ruysch/ German
  14. Which culture set fire to the deceased ship & allowed it to drift out to sea carrying the deceased?
    German/Scandinavians (vikings)
  15. Who invented the injection technique of preserving human remains?
    Dr. William Hunter/ Scottish
  16. Which era was the earlist assumed state of man?
    Eolithic era
  17. Who used the catacombs for the dispostion of their dead & a place of hiding from persectution?
    early christians
  18. Which event in the history of the United States saw the beginning of the use of embalming in this country?
    The civil war
  19. Which culture had burial places known as "trench graves, sunken graves, & chamber graves"
    early hebrew culture
  20. Who discovered capillary circulation?
    Marcello Malpighi 1661
  21. What was the circle of necessity?
    it was the 3,000 year journey of the soul to the sun & back to the body then to eternity
  22. In which culture did the infulential class dress in the well known white toga?
    Roman, "white toga" of the influential class
  23. Which culuture place a gold coin in the deceased mouth to use as a toll for pasage across the river Styx?
    Greek to pay Charon the ferryman to cross river Styx
  24. Who issued a landmark report & supplement on the deplorable condition in english cemeteries?
    Edwin Chadwick/English
  25. In which culture did the "praeco" or "crier' hearled the death of the well to do throughout the streets?
  26. Who was the Author of the undertaker's manual, the first book published in the USA specifically as an embalming?
    Dr. August Renouard
  27. In Egyptian history, what was the walled suburb of a major city where the embalming was performed called?
  28. Who were believed to have thrown their dead to horders of wild dogs?
  29. Which culture is associated with Basar which referred to the "flesh"
    early hebrews
  30. What event in europe is believed to have caused the need for great sanitation methods than ever before?
    The plagues-bubonic, black death, great plague of London, plague of 1547
  31. Which culture believed in a land of the dead or netherworld known as shoel?
    early hebrews
  32. Which culture is believed to be the first to practice creamation?
  33. Which culture hired professional mourners as part of their funeral procession?
    Greek in the procession hired female mourners & dirge singers also the Hebrew
  34. Which culture believed in a three headed dog, cerebrus, that guarded the entrance of hades?
  35. Which culture used the term Valhalla?
  36. Which culture bured & entomed their dead along the major roadways leading from the capital city?
  37. In egyptian embalming practices, what were canopic jars used to store?
    body parts-liver, stomach, lungs & intestines
  38. Which culture, credited as first in practicing cremation, was believed to be the first to develop the use of urns for holding creamted remains?
  39. Which culture used the "designator" as a master of ceremonies & director of the funeral procession?
  40. Which culture used hieroglypic inscription?
  41. Which culture used the term "nefresh"
  42. Which culture established the first cemeteries as we know them today?
    early christians
  43. Which culture "stelae, kiones, trapezae & nardia" in referring to different types of burial places?
    • Stelae=shaft
    • kiones=column
    • trapezae=square cut tomb
    • nardia= temple like
  44. Which culture developed suptuary laws to regulate the cost of funerals?
    Romans-under Constantine
  45. Which greek historian is known as the "father of history"?
  46. Which culture practiced "wife burning"
  47. Who is the father of embalming?
    Frederick Ruysch
  48. Who invented the crash bag/diaster pouch?
    Dr. Thomas Holmes
  49. Which culture first to establish the "kiss of peace"
    early christians
  50. What were the names of the sons of Horace, what was the symbol of their jars & what did the Jar contain?
    • Imset=Human head-liver-water
    • Duamutef-Jackal's Head-stomach-fire
    • Hapi-Ape's head-lungs-earth
    • Qebeh-Snewef-Hawk's head-intestines-air
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