ICS Week 8 lecture

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  1. LAN
    • Local Area Network¬†
    • wired or wireless
    • connects hosts within a limited spatial region
    • security is an issue
  2. WAN
    • LAN connected to the outside world
    • network we connect to is internet
    • connected to remote devices
  3. Beacon of Gondor
    • Signaling fire for other towns to see
    • fire is an open port
  4. single duplex communication
    one way communication
  5. fulll duplex
    communicate in both directions
  6. Packets
    • complex sequence of bits
    • Everything is a packet
  7. Communication Protocols
    • TCP and UDP
    • set of rules for how to handle packets
  8. Bandwith measurement
    the number of bits that can be transferred per second bps
  9. Latency:
    The time it takes for a message to reach the destination
  10. Network problems
    If two hosts communicate at the same time then packet collision
  11. Internet
    the world's network
  12. Intranet
    network that exists behind a firewall
  13. Extranet
    A "tunnel" to an Intranet from outside the intranet
  14. firewall
    • protects LA from outside attacks
    • LAN wiith firewall is intranet
  15. IP Adress
    • Every Internet device has a unique IP address
    • 32 bit numbers written in 4 octets
    • two parts
    • prefix is network address
    • suffix is host address
  16. Static IP Address
    device always has the same address
  17. Dynamic IP Address
    • IP address only when device is active.¬†
    • Address can change every time it is used.
  18. Domain Name Servers
    Provide service that translates more meaningful names to IP Address
  19. Internet characteristics
    • Survivability
    • Insecurity
    • Extensibility
    • Uncontrolled
    • Net Neutraility
  20. Router
    calculates route for packet to take via a route taable
  21. Ports
    • Listeners who can receive packets of traffic
    • holes in swiss cheese which allow data to enter a receiver
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