ENG 2510 Vocab Review

  1. Point of View
    The vantage point from which the narrator of a story views its events
  2. Realism
    Imitation of real life in a story
  3. Mythos
    A fundamental story told and retold by word of mouth
  4. Internal Conflict
    Self-doubt, insecurity, and fear are possible examples of this
  5. Romance
    A tale of summer about a quest
  6. Setting
    Location in time, place, or culture
  7. Comedy
    A story of spring that ends in a party
  8. Free Indirect Discourse
    The voice of a third person narrator joins with the voice of a character
  9. First-Person Narration
    A character in the story tells the story
  10. Symbol
    A concrete object represents an idea or feeling
  11. Dramatization
    another word for scene
  12. Limited Omniscient Narration
    A narrator who knows much, but not everything, about the thoughts of characters
  13. Tragedy
    A story of fall that ends in the demise of a noble hero
  14. Atmosphere
    Mood of a story and its effects on us
  15. Irony
    A gap between expectation and what actually happens in a story
  16. Second Person Narration
    puts "you" in the position of narrator
  17. Epiphany
    A character reaches a moment of insight
  18. Complications
    Intensification of the conflict
  19. Denouement
    Resolution of the plot
  20. Plot
    The arrangement of events that make up a story
  21. Tone
    Overall feeling the narrator has for characters, events, setting, etc
  22. Metaphor
    A comparison between two things that makes them identical
  23. Conflict
    A struggle between opposing forces
  24. Climax
    The turning point in a story
  25. Exposition
    Background information
  26. Protagonist
    Main character of a story
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