history 22

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  1. who led a movement to remove prayer and Bible teaching and reading in public school
    Madalyn Murray O'Hair
  2. President Johnson's social welfare program
    Great society
  3. amendment that gave write to vote and banned poll taxes
    24 Amendment
  4. first black associate Justice of the Supreme Court
    Thurgood Marshall
  5. black supremacist leader
    Malcolm X
  6. first black American cabinet officer
    Robert Weaver
  7. what was passed in 1968 that prohibited discrimination in renting or selling houses
    Fair Housing Act
  8. Organization with virtual monopoly on Middle Eastern countries that export oil controlling the price?
  9. Built by large oil companies to extend from the North Slope to the southern shore of Alaska?
    Trans-Alaska Pipeline
  10. First man to walk on the moon?
    What year?
    • Neil Armstrong
    • 1969
  11. Incident used by Johnson to send more troops to Vietnam?
    Gulf of Tonkin incident
  12. Gave 18-yr-old Americans the right to vote?
    26th Amendment
  13. Term that exposed Congress's refusal to allow the American military to take an offensive position?
    Tet Offensive
  14. Group liberal lawyers in 1960's defended the extreme views of atheist, socialist, and Communist minorities and limit public references to Christianity?
  15. Who negotiated the cease-fire in Vietnam?
    Henry Kissinger
  16. Won Presidential election of 1968?
    Richard Nixon
  17. French word that means to "relax tensions".
  18. Who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy?
    Sirhan Biashara Sirhan (don't have to spell)
  19. What year did Communists take over South Vietnam?
  20. What act prohibited racial discrimination in all public places?
    Civil Rights Act of 1964
  21. Communist leader of North Vietnam?
    Ho Chi Minh
  22. The US fought the Vietnam War during what years?
  23. 1st President to resign from office?
  24. what did Kennedy call his welfare program?
    New Frontier
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