Role and Function of the Police

  1. Police as crime fighters - comparative study
    • Bayley 2004
    • comparative study shows policing around the world very similar - same work regardless of social circumstances
    • majority of resources in patrolling - reactive work, responding to calls etc
    • Thus, little time spent dealing with crime and if so, crime that has already been committed
  2. Patrolling ineffective
    • too many potential targets to be effective
    • crimes are rare and tend to be committed stealthily
  3. Discretion
    • Reiner 2010
    • paramount as each case different
    • law enforcement selective - prioritise
    • police routinely under enforce the law¬†
    • use discretion to deal with incidents in "peace keeping ways"
  4. are police crime fighters?
    • not much time spent in law enforcement
    • under enforce the law
    • NOT primary agent of law enforcement! most social control is informal
  5. Peace officers - "secret social service"
    • Punch - maintaining order that already exists
    • working alongside informal social controls
    • outlines conflict between police culture
    • exciting work vs social work
    • "mutual antipathy" between police and social services
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Role and Function of the Police
Role and Function of the Police