Plant Biology Test 3

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  1. The o2 produced as a byproduct of photosynthesis comes from
    splitting water molecules
  2. during the light-dependent reactions of photo synth, the formation of NADH from NADP+ and a hydrogen ion occurs in association with
    photosystem I
  3. Because the first detectable product of the Calvin cycle is ___, the cycle is also known as the ___ pathway.
    • 3-phosphoglycerate
    • C3
  4. photorespiration is more likely to occur in C3 plants when ____
    o2 is more abundant in intercellular spaces in leaf tissue than in CO2
  5. in the C4 pathway, the enzyme PEP carboxylase
    • reacts CO2 w/ phosphoenolypyruvate
    • produces oxaloacetate
    • works more efficiently at temperatures above 30C
  6. In CAM plants, malate formed as the end product of CO2 fixation in the dark is stored as malice acid/malate in the ___ of mesophyll cells
  7. Although the vasc cambium produces as many x cells as p cells / growing season, fewer p cells are apparent in woody stems b/c...
    the oldest phloem cells are shed as bark
  8. trees growth rings are lines that appear in...
    the xylem tissue, marking where the vasc camb stopped growing one year and started the next
  9. In mature trees, most of the cells in the interior of the trunk are ___
    non functioning xylem cells
  10. what stimulates proper growth of fleshy receptacle that makes what we see as strawberry fruit?
  11. gibberellins are used in grapes for...
    • keep grapes on vines until harvesters can pick
    • increase size of clusters
  12. defoliants stimulate cotton plants to produce ___, a hormone associated w/ signaling plant to drop leaves.
  13. what are man climatic factors affecting the distribution of biomes
    • temp
    • precip
  14. the temperate deciduous forest biome
    has precipitation evenly distributed throughout the year
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