wordly wise

  1. Bewail
    V. To express deep regret or sorrow over.
  2. Destitute
    adj. 1. Without resourses or possessions, especialy the necessities of life.

    2. lacking; deviod of.
  3. Detract
    v. To take away especailly from the beauty, value, or imortance of.
  4. Emancipate
    V. To set free from slavery; to liberate.
  5. Extol
    v. To praise highly.
  6. Flamboyant
    adj. Exessively showy; unrestrained.
  7. Impetus
    n. 1. A driving force; anything that cuases an action.
  8. Insuperable
    adj. Incapable of being overcome or defeated
  9. Intermittent
    adj. not continous; happening at intervals.
  10. Maxim
    n. A gerneral truthe or rule of conduct; a short saying.
  11. Obligitory
    adj. Required or demanded.
  12. Plumb
    v. 1. To measure the depth of water.

    2. To reach the deepset part of.

    3. To understand by examining closely; to solve.

    adj. straight up and down; vertical.
  13. Vagabond
    n. A person who wanders from place to place.

    adj. the vagabond life of traveling musicians suited the members of the band.
  14. Visage
    n. A face, especially one tat expresses happy feelings
  15. Wheedle
    v. 1. To coax by using sly persuasion or insincere praise.

    2. To gian by using sly persuasion or insinsere praise.
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