Media and CJS

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  1. The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
    • Habermas (1962)
    • "refeudalisation of the public sphere"
    • news media has shifted from being used for democratic engagement to entertainment
    • a structural shift from for opposing state power to a docile public
    • Media is a site for manipulation by corporate interests
    • capitalist driven, manipulative machine
  2. Fear in society
    • Altheid (1997)
    • fear in society is produced through the interaction between media and entertainment formats
    • stories constructed to be "universal and specific, abstract and real"
    • stories framed usnig entertaining devicesĀ 
    • emphasises a sense of disorder
    • relatable
  3. Construction of Crime News - def
    • Jewkes (2011)
    • "a version of reality that is culturally determined by production processes of news organisations and assumptions of media of their audience"
    • agenda setting
  4. Construction of crime - news values
    • value judgement that journalists and editors make about the public appeal of a story
    • public interest
    • censorship
    • news value shape output
  5. How is crime presented in the news?
    • Reiner 2007
    • violent crimes: murder, sexual, interpersonal
    • seem random, imminent, evokes strong sense of fear
    • victims - women or children, "the ideal victim" Christie 1986
    • exeggeration of police cucess- legitimises
  6. crime news overall
    • is information rich but knowledge poor
    • shows incidents and not patterns
  7. Folk devils and moral panics def
    • Cohen 1972
    • "a self fulfilling spiral of deviancy amplification"
  8. folk devils and moral panics
    • Cohen 1972
    • news values selectively portray crime in the media which amplifies public concern
    • police focus on particular aspects of deviance
    • more incidents recorded, pursued, reported
    • high levels of fear
  9. New Media landscape
    • Jewkes
    • new forms of news consumption
    • citizen journalist
    • BUT news still received by vast majority of audience from traditional media organisations
  10. impact of media
    • creates new crimes, new fear of crimes
    • responsible for enhanced deviancy amplification in moral panics
    • encourages expression of automatic, reactionary, emotive, punitive sentiments
    • challenges symbolic legitimacy of the police (Ferguson)
    • capacity to challenge established narratives of CJ
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